A girl who I like stopped texting me?

​The other day when I was shopping alone, all of a sudden , a girl came up to me and said
"hey, my sister wants your phone number so can I get it for her?"
So I gave her my phone number. A few minutes later, her sister texted me.
After a few conversations over text, we decided to meet up and had a great time together. We hugged and kissed on our first
date which was on Thursday, it went very well, so I asked her if we can see each other on Saturday (texted her on Thursday) and she said yes.
But on Friday, she told me that one of her friends was coming over and staying for a night in her house , which I think was true,
so she said she could not go out with me on Saturday and I said "it's okay just enjoy" but deep inside my heart, I was really
depressed and sad because I could tell that something wasn't right with her, she didn't
text me as often as she used to. A few hours later she asked me if I am free on Sunday and I said yes, so we decided to see
each other on Sunday, which made me really happy but at the same time I was not really sure if she truly wanted to see me so I said
"are you sure on Sunday? " and she said
yes. Later that day, I asked her what time
she will be free and she said she doesn't
know so I said "okay, let me know when you
are free !"I could tell that she was not really
motivated to see me, but there was also a
part of me that wanted to believe that she
wanted to see me.
On Sunday afternoon , she told me that her
friend had gone back home ,
"okay, can I pick you up?" I said , but she said I feel so tired. I was really sad and wanted to say "I want to see you, I miss you, when can I see you? and etc
But I didn't, because I didn’t think it was cool, I thought I should be like a man, not a pussy. After that day, she's been really short with me and she doesn't text me as often as she used to. So l asked her what was wrong which I didn't want to. She said she has to go to therapy. Apparently she's been going to therapy for quite a while.
A girl who I like stopped texting me?
A girl who I like stopped texting me?
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