Sexy selfie poses? Not sure how to take one?

My boyfriend wants me to send him a hot picture. I've never taken a sexy selfie before and I'm not sure how to pose or what to do really.

I would okay be okay with showing the top half of my body, and probably not completely topless. I would like to at least have my bra on but I would definitely show cleavage because he really likes that lol.

How do I take a good one that doesn't look tacky? I feel like I look really young and that I am kind of cutesy and I don't really know how to be sexy!


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  • Go to yoloselfie. com and see how those girls do it.
    Some very interesting poses.


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  • Dude, me neither!! I thought my avatar was seductive, and my friend here tells me I look sad, lmao. I suck.

    Perhaps you can ask my opinion, and whatever I say is sexy you can choose the opposite. :D


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