Why do some girls just leave you hanging?

Like you'll keep on them about wanting to get together to hang out with them... it doesn't even have to be a date. Maybe they're even your friend!

And you ask, they sound more than interested in getting together to hangout, but it never happens. You start to wonder what's really happening...

Why do girls do this? Is it a gentle rejection? (It's not gentle at all after a while... The hurt builds, especially if they never say no and you keep trying and trying...) or could the girl be nervous around you? Like maybe you're intimidating to her, and she might be scared to go hang with you for whatever reason?

I don't know, just looking at the positive and negative

Especially if a guy is crazy about a girl and this happens... Does the girl even realize the pain she causes after a while?


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  • WELL, it's not like we girls WANTED to be mean or anything.

    from my point of view, maybe the girl is still thinking about what COULD happen if you 2 started dating.

    AND YES, she's genuinely excited to hang out with you, but the fear of rejection is still playing inside her mine.

    She thinks about whether you really like her for her or you just like her because of something else.

    We hate rejecting people cause we can't stand it when they go all EMOTIONAL on us. it's like GUILT is eating us alive. and we also can't stand to go through something we don't want to.

    And we sometimes think that maybe, just maybe, if some time passes, you can move on and get on with your lives. But obviously, it usually don't go on as planned.

    • Well yeah... but like at the time it seems nice... Like"Oh yeah, she wants to get together and hang out!" but then it never happens and it eats at us too, like there's still a possibility, but obviously you girls are thinking differently, yet we still don't know... It turns out to be a lie seemingly. And overtime you start to realize it, sometimes after several attempts, that it was all a lie.

      If a guy REALLY likes a girl and this happens, he is left wondering and the hurt builds...

  • okay

    I get what you're saying.

    So here's what I think.

    Just suggestions.. Don't get mad or anything..

    1 thing you could do is

    Ask her what's up? Why she didn't showed up. (Maybe, something VERY IMPORTANT came up.)


    If she explained, maybe ( MAYBE! ) you could try to ask her out again, that COULD raise her confidence,


    IF she ditched you again,




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