If a guy is constantly pushing the physical boundary does he just want to get laid?

A guy I was seeing seemed to like pushing his physical boundaries a lot.

I never dated anyone before him so I was confused as to what to expect. We were seeing each other for exactly a month, but I think he was touching me in a really sexual way.

This guy knew I wanted to remain a virgin until marriage, but I felt like he was pushing for physical stuff a lot.

He worked his way up from holding hands to putting his arms around my waist and shoulders to having me sit in his lap, kissing me, touching my boobs and squeezing my butt, rubbing my thighs, etc.

He would rub his hands between my legs when he would be kissing me also. He even got to the point where he would get on top of me and kiss me.

He liked doing things like biting me, kissing my neck, even licking my neck. He liked biting my stomach too.

I was really naiive and didn't know what to expect from dating a guy. And he would also seem to show genuine interest in the time he would spend with me and the questions he would ask, but I found all that touching to be unsettling.

It was very fast for me and he knew that, but he would always keep trying to push his boundaries.

At the end he even asked me to touch his penis...

He knew I didn't like all the touching but he would keep doing it and the other signs of interest he would give like calling me and buying me food and helping me with school made me confused.

I'm sure I sound really stupid but he really messed with my head, and definitely manipulated me to be ok with a lot of the physical stuff. He eased into it in a very sneaky way IMO.

A guy who knows a girl wants to stay a virgin for a longgggg time wouldn't touch a girl like that, right?

I broke it off with him because I realized he wasn't respecting my boundaries, which means he didn't have any respect for me.

He claims he wasn't in it for just sex but I don't get why he would have been so manipulative then... He touched me in a extemely sexual way, right?
If a guy is constantly pushing the physical boundary does he just want to get laid?
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