Guys, if you text a girl after hanging out with her does it mean you are interested?

I've been talking to this guy. we hung out once to get coffee and as I was driving home he texted me saying so just so you know you are very pretty.

things have been moving kind of slow the past week. he doesn't text me a lot but a day never goes by I don't hear from him.

today we hung out in his room and watched a movie. there was really mid flirting. we finally got to the touching each other stage. really really nonchalant though.

anyways after I left he texted me as I was driving my question for the guys is..

if you text a girl after you hangout with within the first 15 min after parting ways does that usually mean you are interested in her?


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  • I'm going to say yes.

    But to be frank with you, isn't obvious without the texts that he is interested?

    He hangs out with you, he's mildly flirty, etc.

    He may just be very slow at interaction, which is really a bonus if you think about it.

    It's a good indication he's not going to be rash about issues that come up, and that he's going to be honest about his intentions.

    You should really be excited by this, even though it is slow moving.


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