My boyfriend is flirting with my cousin,,, what should I do? (please help me)

I asked my ex bf to have another chance together.
He accepted. he is nice with me. we have awesome sex but not EVERY time we meet.
We have fun together we go to parties with my friends and his mates.
But he hasn't told me yet in words that we are bf and gf again,,, cause sometimes he acts like we are just friend and sometimes like couples.
My cousin is my bff,,,, last time we were dating he hasn't used to make me jealous but this time since he backed he is trying to make me jealous by calling my cousin : babydoll,,, flirting and caring about her very much.
He also flirts with other girls too,,,
I get very sad when he does this but he also comes and kiss me and cuddle me or seat beside me when we are with our mates,,, but he is flirting with my cousin all the time its not like he's calling her or text her,,, but every time he sees her with me he do this.
I really dont understand him :(
1. does he do this to make me jealous or what?
2. what reaction should i have to this?

Note: we start dating again since last week.
I was the one who hurt him more and i apologyzed him.
by the way iam the one who makes more contact he just respond to them and rarely calls me himself.


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  • 1. That doesn't sound like he is just doing it to make you jealous. It sounds like he is doing it because he wants to get with other girls. The fact that he is doing it right in front of you is a very big red flag and very, very disrespectful. The fact that his flirtations also include your cousin, who is also your best friend, is quite simply unacceptable.

    2. I would say drop him, but it sounds like you like him. In which case you need to tell him that you are not just going to be a side toy, you are not going to sit there while he flirts with other girls - he has to be into you or not. If you like him, give him a chance to shape up immediately or end it. If you are not really into him but just don't want to be alone... then drop him at once and start looking for someone who can treat you with some respect.


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  • give up.
    this guys might be interested, but the chances are slim. he might just be "dating" you again for the perks of having a girl he can cuddle with or do it with. you are on the bad end of the stick while he is on the receiving end. he might like your cousin though, it depends. best way to find out is to confront him and tell him you want the truth straight up, whether it's going to hurt or not.