Texting her every day?

If I'm casually dating a girl and building up her trust. I want to show her I care about her and I'm interested but not clingy. I really want to text her, but I know it's bad to send to many texts. i text her every few days or so. If we were in a relationship I'd text her whenever, but any suggestions on how much to text her when your building up to a relationship?

Alright, so I'm starting to text her more. But I don't know would every day be to much and saying goodnight every time?


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  • If you want your friendship/relationship to develop, it's best to text her everyday. Believe it or not, girls actually like it (depending how close you are to her). This is where people get to understand each other more, open up, and become closer. Texting her every other day or something like that doesn't show anything, and it shows you don't really care as much.

    I really wish the guy I like texts me everyday, but most of the time I text him first.
    Our conversations are usually always hanging so it always lead to the next day.

    I was also like you. I was afraid of texting him everyday since I didn't know him well, so I just texted him once every 2 to 5 days. Later on we began to talk more though.
    Thing about texting everyday i need to warn you about is that the girl may get too used to this, and then in the end usually you will be the one initiating the conversation. If you're like me, and you don't like this, then perhaps text her everyday but once in a while, give it a break.
    I have been chatting with my guyfriend everyday for 2 years now, and NOT ONCE did he first message me.


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  • If you only text eveyother day then you are not showing you want more... the best text a woman can recieve from someone who is interested is a good morning text

    Just a simple good morning hope you have a good day. Shows you are thinking of her a lot and that you are aiming for more than just casual txtingand dating then you move onto goodnight sweet dreams so she knows you think of. her before going to bed... before long she will know you want her and only her because she is the first thing you are thinking of and last thing before going to sleep good luck with the girl

  • Girls feel the same way. I'm seeing someone "casually" and we tend to talk everyday. The more he contacts me, the more I assume he is interested. I really enjoy hearing from him everyday, but that's because I also would like things to progress to more than casual. I actually try NOT to contact him everyday because, well, honestly I have the same apprehension as you!!! I just don't really know if HE wants this to evolve or if he wants to keep it light and fun.

    Does she respond quickly when you contact her? (Keeping work/school, whatever she does, in mind and that there are times where people just can't respond). Also, to be honest, I always assume that when a guy ONLY texts that he's keeping a girl at arms length. That he'll call me if he wants to actually talk to me.

    I think if she wants things to progress - if she's on the same page - she would want you to reach out to her.


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