He has never been in love before?

So.. I've been hooking up with this guy for about a month now!
He's at my place 2-3 times a week, and he texts me everyday.

I've been very confused, because when he's drunk he says that I'm the most amazing girl and talks about "us". But at the same time he has been telling me not to Fall in love with him, because it's hopeless...

Yesterday, I got my act together and asked him IF there was any little chance that we'd end up in a serious relationship..
He told me that he has never been in love before..

He wants to keep on doing what we're doing, even though I told him that of we keep on going like this, I Will end up falling in love with him..

My heart hurts, and I dont know if I should carry on or just let him go..

If he has never been in love with any of he's exes, how could he ever Fall for me?


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  • It sounds like he is afraid or he is leading you on. Honestly if he likes you then he should be willing to go after you. I think he wants you to fall for him. But I think he is going to keep his distance. You might want to give him an ultimatum that either you two move forward or you end things. Its not cool to do that to you, and honestly it never stopped me when I had never been in a relationship when I asked my first gf out.


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  • ur a special girl for him and he has ever have meet a girl like u. this is why is telling u so even when he is drunk. but u have to check out if he means his world (i love u) !! or he is as like all the boys


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