I wish I wasn't so superficial and judgmental?

I am a 18 year-old guy.

And I am extremely superficial and vain.

I judge everyone based on how they look- their perceived value is derived from how they look.

I ignore girls who I don't find attractive.

But deep down, I know that looks are fleeting and deceptive.
I know that I want to meet someone who understands me and and love them regardless of how they look.
I want to define people by their character- not by physical beauty- and appreciate them for their being.

What's wrong with me?
How can I fix myself?


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  • That's in human nature. Humans are shallow, idiots, superficial and judgemental. BUT.. I highly respect you because you realize that.


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  • I'm the exact opposite!
    try getting out of your comfort zone, listening to a music genre you don't normally listen to.
    Don't judge unless you've tried it!
    it will take a lot to change your mindset but I think it will work!

  • I was like that too. You just need to realize that you haven't met the person. A person's personality can make them so much hotter. Just give them a chance even if you don't think they're extremely attractive. After you get to know them, see if their physical beauty has changed in your eyes.

  • Think yourself in their shoes maybe that helps. Good luck :)


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