I need advice! I think I am a filler girlfriend!

My boyfriend and I met and moved quickly. We love each other very much. I'm extremely jealous of his ex. I know he can't stop her when she is updating fb about them. I noticed how he did all these sweet things for like buying her small gifts for no reason or printing out or hanging up pictures of them he never does anything like that for me. When we do go out its only to places they went to. I tried suggesting a new place and he blew me off. He never puts pictures of us up on fb or anywhere else. Am I being irrational or is this something I should be worried About


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  • I know what you mean and I think you are. I was a filler boyfriend and the whole time she would act interested but only when it seemed to suit her. She wouldn't do any of the little things a girlfriend would usually do and when I'd try to take her out she wouldn't seem very interested. Eventually she broke up with me because the guy she wanted was finally single. It sucks but if they don't want to make an effort to make you part of their life and give new things a try it doesn't see there's much hope there.


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  • He still has feelings for the other girl. And he is just using you as a space filler. Pretending that you are the other girl. Why would he hang up pictures of the two of them and then take you on dates to only places that they went to.


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  • lol @ filler girlfriend. I have never heard that before but i know what you mean.
    You are just a tool... a pawn.. in his scheme to get his ex back. proof?
    --he is still paying attention to her.. a lot of attention
    --he isn't listening to your suggestions...
    so yes... you are a "filler"... you need to end this now... I doubt an ultimatum will even work.


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