Girls... Country guys or City guys? Which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer, & why?

I like country guys. They are hard working down to earth. Respectful & strong.
City guys are intelligent but play too many games.
Both have there Pros & Cons

Guys do you prefer city girls or country girls.

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  • "They are hard working down to earth. Respectful & strong." umm.. have you ever MET a country boy? I live in Mississippi and they're spoiled brats. They've got a lot of old money so they think they can do whatever the hell they want because mommy and daddy will take care of it.

    I'd agree with you about the city guys for the most part though, but most country guys aren't hardworking unless they're poor and then they're usually trailer trash there's a FEW (I've dated one) that have the determination and willpower to get out of the trailer park, but they usually get as far away from the country as they possibly can once they're out.

    • Well the country guys I've met left that impression on me. I live in the city (Los Angeles). Something I've found really attractive in a country guy.

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    • Lol alright

    • Where I come from, those are called "Tommy Tarleton", (referring to all the spoiled sons of bitches that come to Tarleton State University) they are the rich boys that claim to be country but use daddy's money for everything. lol

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  • Cultured country guys or down to earth city guys. The stereotypes aren't usually favourable for either (country guys are ignorant, city guys are arrogant). My boyfriend is a country boy, but he's well traveled and openminded. The best of both worlds.

    • Interesting. Noted.

    • Perfect balance :)

    • It's common sense really, I am not gay, but I don't like ignorant or arrogant guy either, nor girls for that matter.

  • City guys, mainly because I'm a city girl myself. The country really isn't my thing, I need a lively environment with like, nightlife XD Also, I would have much more in common with city guys in general.

    • I'm a city girl too but I enjoy the country.
      Night life in the city is awesome tho
      Thanks for your answer :)

  • Both... as long as they don't force their beliefs on me, are not very religious, love animals, and are not into anal, I am fine.

    • "And are not into anal" hahaha
      Sounds perfectly reasonable :) thanks for answering.

    • Lol :D :)

      You're most welcome :)

  • I like country guys.. I don't know why.. but I just do lol

  • Boys that rodeo or are in the horse industry are the best. And no, I wouldn't consider them country boys. They are their own breed.

    • Hahah I'm intrigued :) I must see for myself.

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    • I wouldn't know how to handle anything else I suppose! :) haha I've just been around them my whole life and know how they are, cause I'm the same way!

    • It means you're confident too. :) thanks for answering :)

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