If a guy calls to ask you out on that same day?

It's like this, the day before he texted to ask what i was doing the next day (since it's a holiday) and i told him nothing i guess. Thereafter he didn't respond back. It was only until the next afternoon he called (but i didn't answer) and then texted saying: sorry for late reply, let's meet later in the evening or did i inform too late. I declined because i already had plans after all. He then said: no worries it was late anyway, i'll make other plans. have fun!
But i felt it was so last minute and it's like i'm the second option or something. Although he did at least acknowledge that he asked a little too late, but is he stringing me along? Why else would a guy wait till the same day to ask a girl out? Isn't it most likely because his 'first option' cancelled the plan... sigh i really can't tell if he's serious or not.


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  • With Asking you One minute, Bearing in mind what you said as "Nothing I guess," he put it Out of his mind, ohdaisies, because yes, he had something already in his own mind that he may have doing but wasn't Quite sure 100% he was going through with His-------Own plans.
    And with you Not Answering the very next day, good, serves him right, because Now this guy is seeing that you are Not the kind of girl that sits home , glued to a cell phone in her hand, he found out, that with you Telling him "I already had plans after all," perhaps in the future, "You snooze, you lose," he will be More Johnny on the spot and Make 100% Certain--------He doesn't have anything going on but just has you in mind for sure when asking you Definitely to "Have fun' with him.
    I believe that he wasn't totally sure of his plans and did put you on the back burner as a last resort, should He be available to ask you out. But I am happy it ended the way it did for that moment in time, for the Next "Time," he will know that he needs to make sure he is free to ask you out and not at the last minute, on a whim and a prayer.
    Good luck. xx

    • wait... what? Come on @Paris13 , you know better.

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    • You snooze, you lose... He already knew he had something tenatively planned and when it didn't opan out, h ecame back to see if she was raring and ready to go out... she made plans already, his loss... xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to help you see the light.. I guess we both have this one pegged... xxoo

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  • because he legitly said "sorry for the late reply". sounds like he forgot. contrary to popular belief, guys are more truthful than girls. girls are the only reason we have to lie sometimes. you weren't a second option, he already confessed.. you are the one overthinking/overcomplicating things. just like @OmniSlug says too.

    • But he saw my reply thereafter and since he decided to reply the next day, seems to me that he simply said it bcus his previous plans didn't go through so he was gonna ask me out (as the backup plan).

    • doubt it.

  • You... really... REALLY can't gauge a guy like that. Please don't assume things about anyone, guy or girl, with the timing of their replies.

    It's far more likely that he was being truthful with you and just wanted to hang out. Despite what people might think, there aren't "rules" that definitively state what a guy's intent is. He might just be more accustomed to plans made quickly and being more spontaneous. Don't take offense to him.


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