Girls: Why the "bad guys?" Seriously...

Girls openly admit that they NEED a nice guy, but they WANT a bad boy... Even if they always break their hearts.

But why do you want a bad boy? What do they do for you exactly? I mean its cool to be dating some drugged up loser, or just an idiot in general that isn't respectful to those around him, someone that will, in some way, abuse his GF?

These "bad boys" aren't men... They're selfish and immature. A real man would always be there for his lady, treat her (and people in general) with respect and just be an all-round good guy.

I mean what attracts you to a guy with a p*ss-poor attitude, or a guy on drugs or whatever in the first place? What's wrong with a good, nice guy? Even good looking nice guys have a hard time with attracting a girl.

I don't understand... I'm just sick of being the friend and not the BF. And its like I'm just living a good, clean, normal life, and no love for me. I'm 19, completely sober, very nice and respectful of those around me, I don't act like an idiot... And I've never had a GF. I don't get what I'm doing wrong.

I hope all my pain and suffering will be worth it because it seems like I can't get any decent girls to like me. I feel totally undesirable, and to me, for what seems like no reason at all.


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  • What girls at this age want is a wild guy someone who we can experiment with. We like the nice guys adn we watn to keep them for until we're ready to settle down. The girls want to have fun and enjoy ourselfs and get heart-broken by guys we know in a way we won't last with because we eventually expect too much of them and then that's the end of it. Like guys have sex with the most slutiest girls they can because they know it won't last the maximum it'll be will be 1 week. My advice to you is don't change and enjoy some other girls while you can until your ready to setlle down with HER.

    • I guess it makes sense, and I guess heartbreaks make you grow... But how can I... ok this is starting to make sense now! I would NEVER use a girl for sex, but I seriously need to go and date many! People have been telling me this for a while now, but something in this answer really made it click in my brain! I'm looking for love too soon!

      Thanks a ton for this answer! There was just something about it. I guess I can understand why girls are the way they are now to some degree. lol

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    • Great plan, chicalicious! I'm sure all the nice guys will wait for you while you sleep with your Wild Things. there's no way you'll end up marrying someone from this site:

    • LOL I can't stop laughing. Ty DrJones.

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  • As a women, this subject p*sses me off big time because my man was used for emotional support by women who wanted to keep him around but would always give him the "friends" line.

    These dumb girls would always go for BAD men who hurt them, then came whining to my baby. And my baby (being the sweet wonderful man he is) would be there for him despite their rejection of him! He was getting hurt too much, and I'm lucky he didn't give up or I'd be alone right now. It's just not fair.

    I get so mad about this because these needy chicks are turning all the nice guys into bitter woman-haters!

    In my dating life I met SO MANY guys who USED to be nice but became jerks because they got hurt or because they thought that's what women wanted. And you know what? It's not fair to a girl like me who APPRECIATES THE NICE GUY!

    TO THE ASKER: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T CHANGE. There ARE girls out there who appreciate the nice guy; we're just few and far between. Nice guys are a rare treasure, and the "friends" treatment is killing them off and an alarming rate! You're an endangered species!

    My man is 32 years old, and had to live those years being the "friend" before finding someone who was smart enough to see him as more! Don't give up, or you're going to leave you're true soul mate out there all alone in the world. For her sake, don't give up! She's out there!

  • First off, girls aren't attracted to guys that are whiney and victim-y, in other words everything in your post. They aren't attracted to people who blame others for their problems or inability to get women. So I would advise your first step to be to lose the chip on your shoulder and understand what's really going on here. Secondly, women aren't attracted to bad people. If anything, they would prefer a good guy. What you are clearly missing here is the qualities that edgy people tend to have which is what attracts women. "Nice" and "Shy" are pleasant words people use to describe what is actually "fear". Women aren't attracted to fearful people, especially those afraid of them. What a "bad" boy probably has that attracts women that a "nice" guy doesn't is that he isn't afraid of her. He will go right up to her, approach her with confidence and assertiveness, and define what he wants. He won't make himself look like a friend and then complain when she sees him as one. You define how you want yourself to be perceived. If all you get is the friendship card, than that's how you are trying to sell yourself and it isn't working. Be confident, be assertive, look her in the eye, maintain open body language, have mutual conversation, don't procrastinate in asking her out or defining your wants and the future of the situation, stand up for yourself, and stand up for the girl. THAT'S what nice guys or shy guys never do. They never make a move and then complain when the ship sails. What does anyone expect is going to happen when they hang around in the background?!

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    • Wow,... some flame on this one.

      I have to completely agree though. When talking to people about how they are 'nice' and 'shy' when you really get down to it, it's really - 'I'm scared to make a move and flop.'

      This post is edgy (I can't imagine Cuddling with you Carla), but I actually think it hits it on the head. I would say if this hurts to read, then look a little deeper and see what it is you don't like about the post, and it will probably be that you don't see yourself as confident.

    • WOW! Bigot much?

  • Women go through certain phases. Eventually, with 'evolved' maturity, they grow out of it. We could make the same argument for some men who have not evolved, dating the models, strippers, superficial cheerleaders, and so on. Be patient, every place has its time, and everything happens for a reason!

    Are you pursuing nice girls or superficial girls? This can also play a role in your selection of women. If you're pursuing superficial girls, maybe you have not evolved as well as the women you're pursuing!

  • They don't actually want a bad boy. They want a combo... a guy that can give them playful attention by teasing them, but still knows how to be respectful about it. Simple as that. They want a balance. The problem is that not many guys know this, and they try to be one or the other, when they should try to have a sweet & sour combo. : )

  • Here's the deal-- like any other girl, I want a nice guy but seem to be attracted to the bad ones (read my most recent question). I think I finally figured it out. While I think I deserve a nice guy, I'm afraid to pursue one because I'm so afraid of being hurt, and I'm not good at judging whether or not someone is going to be a "nice guy". The fact of the matter is that the biggest assholes have usually perfected the art of being the biggest charmers. They go to a party and talk to lots of girls, act extroverted, get attention, and then shower you with attention and compliments. They make it sound like their interested. For a lot of girls, even if they know the guy is a jerk and just uses girls for sex, the thrill of the attention and feeling wanted is enough for them to start thinking "well maybe he'll change for me".

    The problem with nice guys, just as is the problem with most nice girls, is that they're shy. A lot of girls, even if they are extroverted and confident, won't approach a guy to date or start hanging out because the idea of asking someone out is supposed to be 'the guy's job'. It's old-fashioned, but it's true- we want you to come to us.

    So next time you like a girl, ask her out! Or at least flirt and hint a little bit and let her know you're interested. The trick is to flirt without getting creepy--- make it sound like you're attracted to her, but you could just as easily get any other girl. Once you think you might have a shot (and sometimes you just have to go out on a limb and take a risk!) ask her out--- she'll probably say yes.

    I wish nice guys would approach me, but the fact is they don't.

  • Girls like bad boys for the same reason guys like the hot babe with big boobs who may also not be suitable for him. It is thrilling and exciting, but in the end most of us marry a different kind of person. For those of us who marry the bad boy, we usually end up living with his bad habits that were a thrill when we were single, but get old and less thrilling with age. However the challeng of taming him, stays with us as long as we stay with him. The thrill is the same as the babe on your arm, who may not be the best choice for you, but you cannot give up the fantasy.

  • Some girls have the complex where they want to fix the bad boy. Often times the bad boy/jerk is nice to her and not to other people because he likes her and wants to try and show he isn't worthless. Some people like the forwardness or confidence.

    Myself? I've always gone with the nice guy, and am now engaged to one. Sometimes they were a different flavor of nice (because nice isn't always safe: i.e. soldiers, civil disobediants, etc). However - they were always decent people who treated others with respect.

    • Do girls get over this complex? I mean to me, it seems like a lot of girls end up trying to be a mother to her bf... Trying to fix someone. You CAN'T be your bf's mother. Just like I couldn't be a father to my gf...

      You must find someone you is an equal and just enjoy each other for who you both are. A lot of times, you see one person, who is much better than the other in a relationship and it just baffles me...

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    • I don't know... it seems 2 reduces the ego to 0 in an unhealthy manner. Ur in love with a person not 4 who he is, but what you want him 2 b, & he never will b that "ideal". It's an exercise in futility. They always fail 4 this reason & she feels bad/worthless bcuz she couldn't help him. If anything I'd put it down 2 motherly personality, unwitting fear of commitment leading 2 "purposfully" bad relationships, unintentional masochism or attention grabbing behavior via actively seeking life drama.

    • See? Some people don't use "nice" to mean "weak." I knew a really nice guy once who was a Marine. I'm sure he knew lots of ways to kill me, but he was always respectful and polite. A friend of mine married him after she left her boring, predictable "bad boy" boyfriend in her early 20s. She's really, really hot, too. Seriously.

  • I do not know, but personally, I prefer to date the "good boy." Plus, bad boys, usually just talk about how they are such bad asses, but they are little wimps or just want attention. The good boys are usually the tough ones. I never figured out myself why girls do that. My one friend did it to get in trouble and to not be considered "a good girl." Which is not logical and retarded because you do not need a boy to get into trouble. It was a complete lame reason. Many girls want to experience the movie perspective of dating a bad boy. Do not worry about it because the right girl will come around and be lucky to have you, her friends will get jealous, when they are broken hearted from the "bad boy" boyfriends that just dumped them for another girl. Your girl will feel so unbelievably lucky.

  • you are just as confused as I am. but I am a good girl with the bad guy and a bad girl with the good guy and I don't get why. I have broken up with guys that when I come to reality are evrything I want, but end it for some complete losers azz hole...sometimes I think we females are just out to hurt our ownselves.. but sometimes the bad boys just do the sweetest things and its super extra sweet because you don't expect it...and when a good guy doesn it its like ya so typical so like you! and we females like men that stand out by doing the not so typical... its hard to emplain...

  • well the truth is, bad boys are sexy theyre good for sexual release. especially younger girls, we like them older and bad because we know they have expirience, we know they know what theyre doing and that because theyve had so many girls they are probably very good at what they do. so that's why we pick them, essentially we are thinking with our "dicks" just like guys who pick the hot, dumb girl over the cute smart one. theyre horney. sorry man but that's what girls are looking for, anyway the good ones who end up with the bad boys. not all girls are like that thought, chances are you jsut keep falling for the ones that are no good for you anyway, "secret bad girls". but hey there are nice ones out there who want a nice boy too, so just keep looking and don't give up hope! :D

    • You know a guy is good in bed because he's hitting on high school girls instead of women his own age.

      I'm guessing you're not on the Dean's List, sweetheart. Don't worry, you can probably still get work as a stripper. I have some friends who can hook you up.

  • Awe that's really sad but true in most cases, I'm your stereotypical seventeen year old popular senior and guess what.. I love nice usually GEEKY boys! All my friends go for assholes and manwhores but I love nice guys! Now here's the catch, I've been in love with a drama geek from one of my classes for 8 months, he's never had a girlfriend or even a crush school is so important to him along with family religion and sports, you couldn't ask for a sweeter, nicer individual, but get this.. He turned me down ( technically not exactly but he doesn't give me the time of day even when I try to be his friend) he's not a jerk but he's awkward and intimidateded by me! My friends make fun of me and ask why I love him so much but they don't get it! Some girls are too immature to understand what it's like to base one on personality and not looks or status! But there is a girl like me out there for you! You need to take what comes your way if a girl likes you, you should make an effort to get to know her regairdless of looks , she may just be your soulmate! Bottomline I'm pretty and popular but the one thing that's really important to me I can't have, it's ironic because I'd trade it all for him! I'm head over heels in love with the good guy and he couldn't care less, the grass isn't always greener on the other side babe!

    • Young lady though you are young in age your maturity is of a person having an old, mature soul. Ask your parents for advice, brothers, sisters, aunts uncles and be patient with him. If he is in the arts you can bet he isextremely sensitive and like you learning about his new feelings and emotions. To be artist in drama it rushes an individual to be expressive, to understand how to play certain roles each which takes an emotional toll because it is the nature of his craft and his passion in life.

    • It sounds like your attitude toward this 'geek' you supposedly love is incredibly patronizing and condescending. It's entirely possibly that he's picked up on this and has decided that he would rather not accept any pity dates from you.

    • I have REAL feelings for him, its not pity + who said being geeky is bad ? He's brilliantly smart + cares more about school + god rather than sex, he likes computer science rather than porn.. UNLIKE MOST STEREOTYPICAL JOCKS! Most people at my school would describe him to you as being a geek .. BUT I DONT CARE! I've never nor will I ever ask him to change because I love him for who he is! all of the "geeky" things he does is what I love! I don't use the word geek condesendingly, Its a positive!

  • ligten up dude. maybe that's thats the reason that nobody likes you, because you're always hating on some one. my friend is in a relationship with this guy who is nice in his own way, and she is kinda wild. this guy knew this before dating her and now he trys to control her by not letting her do the things she used to do. which not only p*sses her of but p*sses all her friends of as well. that's the prob with a nice guy, he would want you to change because he is into doing other things that don't constitute as our kind of fun. and besides bad boys are like a challenge, girls want to be the one that can get him to be wrapped around their little finger. so relax yourself, coz' with that attitude you're gonna be single for a long time.

    • Then why is she with him...if he's trying to control a lot of what she does...why is she with a nice guy...but I would never tell a girl what she could and couldn't too...i also used to be a bad guy...i didn't get any girls when I was the bad I'm getting girls left and right

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    • This is what I mean about misusing the word "nice." Any guy who tries to control his girlfriend and prevent her from doing things she likes is not someone I would call "nice."

      Poor dakota102, I guess we should go easy on you because you're so young. You'll understand someday :)

    • Wow... I just never thought anyone would be proud to admit they like "wrapping people around their little finger". ....Again, I saw "Ew"...

  • I wish that the self righteous "nice guys" would stop ranting about this.

    Firstly, I'm not sure why you're lumping all of these so called bad boys in with drug users and woman beaters. That's a very extreme situation you're describing and the girl in question probably isn't stable if that's what she's actively seeking out in a partner.

    However, for most, normal, girls, here's the deal: it isn't about being a good or bad boy. It's about confidence. On some primal, subconscious level, girls find a certain allure with guys that are outgoing and have a big character. The guys that have these personalities often turn out to be the "asshole frat boy" type. Not all of them, not even most of them, but a good enough number to create the stereotype. The sidelined nice guy friend doesn't assert himself in the same way that these swaggering men do.

    Confidence, confidence, confidence. And if you don't have it, pretend to have it.

    In much the same way that the phrase "curvy" is a euphemism for fat, "nice guy" now seems to stand for shy and insecure. So don't be an asshole, but don't be the BFF either. Be someone reliable and kind, but don't let yourself be a doormat.

    • I WISH that I wasn't feeling so alone all the time... I look for a good, decent girl and she just ends up with another player or druggie.

      I seriously worry about being alone because I'm 19 and never had a GF, not even a date, or a kiss or anything. I have pursued girls before, but you can see how its ended up everytime. I just don't have that attractive "glow" I guess... Maybe its confidence. But what can I say, if I really like a girl, I'm a bit nervous around her.

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    • Replace "confidence" with "high-school popularity" and KatMcC makes a lot more sense. Since when are asshole frat boys confident and outgoing? They don't even leave the house unless several other boys are going with them.

      You don't get out much either, I'm guessing. Try joining a sorority or something. Delta Gammas are the best in bed, so try them first. They might not let you in, though, they're kinda picky.

    • Wow, not at all, Dr. Jones. I don't think you've read a single thing I wrote. Or you at least misinterpreted it severely. The quintessential frat guy is obnoxious and exceedingly immature. But they do have confidence. Undeserved confidence slathered in bravado, sure, but confidence nonetheless.

      I'm by no means saying that they have any allure for me but yeah, dumb/desperate girls tend to go for it. Besides, that was only one tiny part of my post that you're honing in on.

  • girls just want a bad boy who is a nice guy, a tiger but is a nice kitty when he's with you, etc. the main point is that bad boys always look like they're no pushovers & are the dominant types and most women like that about men. nice guys from my experience appear to be 'soft', and though they are certainly not weak, they look like it. I mean, just look at wildlife, the female usually gravitates towards the more aggressive male.

    anyway it usually takes time for people like you to be well appreciated by the female population. don't worry about it.

  • Ha I agree with rg727 A guy that has the bad boy look but not the BS is nice! ha there is this guy I'm seeing.. OK well he looks like a bad boy and he gets mad when I call him a player.. I seriously think he is a player but then getting to know him more.. He has never done drugs, never been charged with anything, he is a security supervisor training to be a police officer, he is buff and goes to the gym like 5+ times a week, he loves superheros and starwars lol and he is way sexy! like omg no freakin way this guy is this way! like he gots the whole Bad boy look but then the gentleman sweetness and qualities! I just love it! I can't find one thing wrong with him but I'm trying :) lol oh and he is packing down there! mhmm, and also his abs decent chest killin! Hell yeah.. He is way sexy! my god I lust him so much lol! :)

  • We're not necessarily attracted to "bad boys" exactly, but guys who look like bad boys. Tall, dark. handsome, mysterious, whatever. It's pretty appealing. But you're right. I'm a fan of good guys all the way. Bad boys and their bad attitudes-no matter how cute they may be-are overrated. I think the thing that makes them appealing though is confidence. There's a fine line between confident and cocky though. If you can be a gentleman or a "good guy" and still be confident in yourself, I think girls would really get into that.

    *Also, a lot of girls like to turn guys into projects or "fix" them. Another reason we might fall for bad boys; cause we wanna be the one they change for. It's idiotic but it happens all the time.

  • Theres only two reasons women date losers either:A) They think they can fix him or B)The bad guys act like good guys in front of said girl. What nice guys don't know is that bad boys pretend to be nice guys in front of us girls. Guys who are obiviously bad girls think they can fix, and that's where they end up getting their hearts broken. Nice guys can get girls too but they need to work on their timing. If you do to much for a girl for too long she's going to put you in the friend zone. You have to ask her out before you guys become best buds. Best of luck and hope this helps!

  • i met a bad boy as my first bf. hugest mistake I ever made. I believe in karma and I think he's paying for what he did to me slowly and everyday because he can't get with a girl for a real relationship. I want to be with a good guy but have't met any yet

  • trying not to sounds like a boring old woman, I think a lot of the time it is an age thing.

    There's this rumour going around that bad boys are more exciting. Of course you know that's not true, but girls have to suffer a few bad boys before they realise that!.

    Carry on being a nice guy and you will strike gold in the end. :o)

  • It's simple really, girls like bad boys and women like nice men. When you're young your dumb, the older you get the more you get 'it'. Be who you are and remember everyone looks good in confidence.

    • I really like this answer... thanks!

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    • I think you should keep doing what you are doing. Being yourself is always better, and easier. I can't really explain it but a rough exterior can be defined in different ways. All I know is you need a woman not a girl.

    • Words of wisdom.

  • I do not want a bad guy, I am completely turned off by the bad guys. I want no part in a guy who does drugs, steals,treats me like garbage.. etc.

    Is it possible you are trying to get with the wrong type of girls? Its not that we want bad guys, we actually just want a guy that will speak his mind, not be a pushover or smother us We need a guy that won't take our bs, drool all over us or follow us like a puppy, we need a challenge. But that in no way means a druggy/loser/criminal/ahole.

    • This is an awesome answer I think. How can a guy be more of a challenge?

  • i can tell you right now, I'm considered one of the 'good girls' and I actually am desperately looking for a good nice guy... I can't seem to find one.

    it seems all the nice guys go for all the bitchy girls.

    it just feels like lose/lose situation.

  • Ever heard of captain save hoe. Well most girls think they can tame the wild beast. Most women want to change a bad boy. Women who are in abusive relationship are just stuck. They are scared to be with someone else they think that no one else would love them. Now most women like this the relationship didn't start abusive. Druggys well women think that they will give up the drugs if they love us or women just get into the drugs with them. Don't worry some one will like you and you'll have a great relationship. JUst like there are bad guys there are bad girls "damaged" girls.

  • Deep in our hearts... we want the good guys... but the bad guys... damn... they're f***ing hot, and got everything. The nerds... they're just there...

    We do like and want the nerds... but we're just being stupid... we know these type of guys suck. :D

  • Because girls don't want some whiney little safe babynice bitch/..imean you canbe nice, but be a little dangerous or be a little bit of a d*ck. I mean, id rasther have aguy who kicks someones ass for calling me names then a boy who is scared and hides behind the man. Heterosexual girls want MEN! masculine men! nthey don't want to date girls!and by the way not all "bad a**" guys are drugged up losers(and not every who is drugged up is a loser kid, they are just going through some stuff.). one little thing about a guy can make him a bad boy. also, stupid girls like o get treated like crap, like to get their hearts broken. what we can have we want much,much more. just like loser boys always going after the "out of their league, cool girl." But hey, there are plenty of girls who do want a nice guy. most just don't now it yet. and by thwey way, I have an awesome drug /alcohol/noin cheater fiance..but he is Def a badboy. He has awesome subarustiwrx, is hot and manly, knows how to fix everything, and he has this edge. Something about the way he talks to people, looks. Like a don't f***with me or my family essense thatd makes him so bad boy hot. and he would do anything for me...does do everything for me. I'm his princess. so not all bad boys are scum. but..maybe its because he used to be really

    • Have fun later in life when your kids turn out to be druggies too... Why would you want that? That's what I don't get... I just want to understand.

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    • Wow, he drives a Subaru! What a bad, bad boy. I bet when cruises around the junior high school parking lot, all the girls swoon.

    • Wonder how the relationship is going now.

  • Just by reading your post I can see that you are a great guy! your only 19 you have your whole life ahead of you and God will bring you someone perfect =) just wait on her.

    so to answer your question:

    its not that we like a BAD GUY...we like the confidence in a bad guy. I have a friend who was in the marines and he is the NICE guy with the BAD guy confidence ..too bad he has a girlfriend I want to marry someone exactly like him lol.

    "Good looking nice guys" getting the cold shoulder- Good looking nice guys hold all of their confidence in their looks. They don't feel like they need anything else because their a good looking nice guy and they forget that they still need to work to keep their woman interested.

    "The mean guys" getting all the fish- We don't like bad boys, we like their confidence.. Were miserable in relationships with bad boys because they treat us like dirt but their confidence is worth the trouble..sad I know but the truth is if we have to choose one were going to choose the one that has a complete set of balls.

    Women sometimes are drawn to a nice guy just so she can manipulate them, she will end up alone. STAY AWAY FROM HER

    Women sometimes are drawn to someone who does drugs and has no manners because she feels like she can change him. She needs counseling and will end up alone. STAY AWAY FROM HER

    Women sometimes are drawn to Control freaks because they need to be controlled otherwise their lost. She needs counseling too and will end up alone. STAY AWAY FROM HER

    The woman needs to be confident enough to choose a man who compliments her not brings her down. Don't envy half a man for scoring with half a woman because she has just as many issues as he does if she chose to link up with someone who is inadequate.

    You will find your girl =) just wait

  • wtf? My comment was cute short due to those symbols. I'll con't. my response: "Hmmm if they're health conscious then they will work out (but nothing hardcore, just for their health), and since men naturally have muscle...just looks good naturally." The contrast btwn women & men shows. And "just cute,"to me, is equivalent to a COMMON LOOK; the common look in combination with a nice personality (hence the "nice guy") just enhances their looks, which is why they turn me on. Note: on vacation, I met this sort of chubby guy & felt a real strong attraction because he was such a great person (mature, sweet, outgoing...) which blinded me to his flaws. It's too bad he lives 4 hrs away, otherwise I would have liked to date him (he told me he's usually healthy, but he couldn't be at the moment due to work, which I respected<<<I didn't ask! He just told me, probably he felt self conscious). As a result of surfing this website, I've decided to keep an eye out for cute shy guys & make a move :)

    "Bad guys"=douche bags from my perspective

  • I'm guilty of liking bad boys. And I'll tell you why:

    They keep me on edge. They're adventurous and spontaneous. I never know how they'll act or what they're going to do. They're a sort of mystery. I'd say the best part is that they're a challenge. And I for one, enjoy a good challenge.

    I'm not saying that I've never liked a good guy. I've liked a very good guy before, but lost soon interest. He wasn't ugly- he was really cute. It's just he was too predictable for me.

    • He got boring. basically. its like sex. if you don't try new things in sex it gets boring and you don't "go" as easily with the same moves anymore. like how they keep having to come up with new medicines cause if you use the same one over and over the virus/bug gets used to it and he medicine doesn't work anymore

  • i guess because they're daring and they're magnets for trouble

    i personally don't want a guy that gets in trouble with the law or anything like that but if you like ditch skool or something, then that's pretty hot and if they have a harley davis bike or somethin' (damn that turns me on) then it makes the gurls turn their heads to the guy.

    if ur too nice, for me its like then I can push you around and tell you to do something and ull always do it. but for a bad guy then theyll tell you "no b!tch, do it yourself" and maybe not at that moment but that turns me on.

    i want tattoos so I want my boyfriend to understand that

    if they have it then its evn better and there's no trouble

    the good guys are the frnds becuz they don't tell you how they feel about you and then you guys are just on the sidelines

    if you tell us then there's a chance that we'll say the same thing.

    the good guys tell us if we're doing something wrong and really, we don't want that to have to come out of our bf's mouth

    and there are some gurls who like the good guys

    if you were to act like the bad boy 4 one day, u'll see that gurls will like u.

    thats my opinion.

    srry about the whole situation tho.

  • aww firstly don't feel that way because it can lower your self-esteem. If you're happy then others are happy. I would say try t o keep yourself happy. Be confident, believe me that helps a lot. Try to focus on yourself, your goals, your career. One day an angel will walk into your life and be that baby girl of your dreams. Best of Luck!

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  • I was in kind of the same situation years ago, and here's what worked pretty well for me.

    1. Move to a place where the girls aren't all stupid. This may require going to college and/or getting a real job. I read a post here the other day about a girl whose friends wouldn't date a guy because he didn't drive a truck. If you live in one of those sh*tholes, leave ASAP. You have almost zero chances with anyone there anyway.

    2. Get good at figuring out which girls like "bad boys." Blow them off and don't give them any attention. (Or, if you're the vengeful type: be a total piece of sh*t to them, then dump them. Be careful about actually f***ing any of them because they are more likely to have diseases from their douchebag ex-boyfriends.) Try not to be too judgmental about anyone's sexual preferences, but... c'mon, it's usually pretty obvious when a girl is attracted only to jerks.

    3. Actively look for girls who aren't into "bad boys." Here are some signs:

    - not illiterate; is more or less aware of immediate surroundings, local & world events

    - has a sense of empathy for fellow human beings

    - has graduated high school and doesn't look back on it as "her best years"

    - girls who are smart and/or good at something are more likely to want a non-jerk

    - and, of course, she acts interested in you when you *don't* act like a jackass

    Good hunting!

    • "has graduated high school and doesn't look back on it as "her best years"."

      That is a VERY important point...imma have to remember that.

      College, not HS, were some of my "best years". 8-)

  • You're trying to manipulate women, that's why you're single and alone.

    It's got nothing to do with being "nice." You're not being nice, you're being fake and insincere.

    The fake "nice guys" make me sick!

    Here's the difference between the typical lonely "nice guy" who scares women away, and the "ass hole" jerk that get's the girl.

    "Nice guy" acts nice, buys her gifts, and is willing to let her walk all over him. Why? Because he wants her to like him back. This is real manipulation. He's basically saying "I think you're a goddess and I'm willing to do anything for you. And in exchange I expect you to thank me for my efforts, and to date me." Why not pay a hooker for her attention, it's the same thing.

    "Bad Boys" don't try to manipulate women. And they don't let women push them around. They have real boundaries and expectations. They're jerks but at least they're honest about it. It's this strange authenticity that is "at first" very attractive to many women. It's thier "I want things my way" that draws women to them. Most women know that these guys are not long term material, but they're fun at first.

    So why get mad at these guys? The "nice guys" can learn something from these guys. Just be yourself, and stop trying to say "the right thing" that will make her like you. Stop trying to manipulate women into doing what you want.

    Be nice because you like people, not because you WANT something.

    How can you tell your motivations?

    Do something nice for a girl, but then don't expect anything in return.

    Ask a girl out, but don't expect her to drop her pants just because you gave her a compliment.

    Will you be friendly with the 80 year old woman at the grocery store? If so, you're truly a nice dude. If you're only nice to hot chicks, because you're hoping they'll like you too, then you're a douchebag.

    Learn how to be "nice" without expecting anything in return, while ALSO not allowing women to walk all over you, and you'll instantly find that women will respond to you just as much as they do to those "bad boys."

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )

    • Exactly how I am buddy... nice without expecting anything in return. If I buy a girl something. its because I want to... period, because I like her. I don't care if it gets me anything in return. I'm a straight up nice guy, nice to guys, nice to girls, nice to the 80 year old lady in the store... I don't just hold doors for women, I hold doors for everyone. That's how I am. I'm respectful to others in general. I want to be friends with everyone, I'm not out to make enemies.

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    • "If you're only nice to hot chicks, because you're hoping they'll like you too, then you're a douchebag."

      That statement in your response was an eye-opener for a lot of people. A lot of these self-proclaimed "nice guys" probably don't know they were doing that. :-X

    • Rob, once again, ya told it like it is.

  • Its not about being an asshole, its about being confident and assertive. Girls, in general, want to feel safe or secure with their guy. Which guy do you think makes them feel safer: the bad boy, or the nice guy pushover? But you don't have to be an asshole. For example, a "nice guy" would ask the girl to pick the movie they see on a date, probably some chick flick. A "bad boy" picks an action movie and tells her that's what theyre watching. The middle, and what I consider to be the best, alternative is to pick a movie you both will like but that you chose. This shows you can take control but still have some consideration for her. That example works literally, but you can also apply that same principle to just about everything.

    Nice guys are usually good at making an emotional connection. Assholes are good at elliciting a sexual attraction... But if you want a chance at a healthy relationship you're going to have to learn to be as assertive as an asshole, while retaining at least some of you're nice guy qualities.

    • Exactly! I pick nice guys, then find myself frustrated that they won't make a move, won't decide for themselves and won't stand up and be my man.

      The guy I am seeing now had his time as a bad boy. I'm glad I didn't meet him then because I'd probably have written him off. But he's matured and learned what matters and shows me that.

      I am seeing him after mostly giving up on a really nice guy who was probably never a douche and was always a sweet friend but wouldn''t make a real move.

  • This question comes up all the time. Part of the problem is unclear language: most girls (and guys) who say they don't like nice guys (and girls) are using the word "nice" to mean weak, scared, or passive-agressive. Girls who say they like nice guys usually think "nice" means affectionate, considerate, or chivalrous. Other posters noted that "good boy" is sometimes (mis-)used as a synonym for pushover.

    This isn't always the case - there are, of course, people who only date assholes. In some places, girls like that are very common because that's what's expected of them. In your case, I'm guessing you're meeting really immature girls due to your age and job/school, and possibly also that you also live in some inbred village in an ass-backwards state or country. (Does it sound like I've been there before?) The best way to deal with a situation like that is to move away and don't look back.

    I lived in a redneck hellhole where girls were expected to date fat, abusive, drunk guys. Several of them were "saving nice guys like me for marriage." Here's how that plan worked out: I moved thousands of miles away and had fantastic sex with girls much smarter than them. They married fat, abusive drunk guys and got knocked up. Great plan, ladies. See you on someday!

    Personally, the moment I hear some girl talk about how much she likes "bad boys," I mentally note that she's too stupid to date. Usually I'll ignore her, which p*sses her off. If it amuses me, I'll act like a jackass to her just to get her worked up. I'm not bluffing, of course - I genuinely don't like her. Then I'll cut her off and never speak to her again (before or after sex, depending on how clean I think she is).

    As for girls who like "nice guys," well, where's the fun in being an ass to someone who likes nice guys? I make them dinner and go on dates and do fun stuff and it's great. Nice-guy-liking-girls, I tip my glass to you. Have some more champagne and then we can go take a shower together. Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to marry one of you.

    In short, I like to mix up my strategies. It's not for everyone, though... I just get a kick out of abusing abusive people. For practice, find some more of these good vs. bad threads and leave insulting comments to all the retards who like Bad Boys :D

  • Well being nice isn't working out for you, your frustrated and at point you probably liked some chicks who fell for the assholes and they probably call you up and say my boyfriend is such a jerk and blah blah blah blah, and I'm willing to bet these girls say why can't I find a guy just like you, and your going hello right here, me me, leave your loser boyfriend there's a nice guy right here, and they say oh we can't date we're just friends.

    I am the guy women fall for, the bad boy, the asshole, or the jerk, and I pretty much have two gfs right now. I am not a druggy, felon, or an idot. The solution to your problem is simple stop being so nice, grow some balls and actually tell a girl no, put them in their place and they will not try and mess with you. These games they play are tests and so far your failing them left and right. Bad boys are dominat and women know it, women don't need to be treated like princesses and if you ever tell one that they should be, they will walk all over you.

    If you can't tell a girl to shut up, she's being annoying, or say you know I could care less, then your dommed, dating is a game and in this game the nice guy always loses simple as that, if you want more advice send me a message.

    • >I am not a druggy, felon, or an idot.

      You do have a hard time time spelling, however. Is English not your first language, Tex? I'm guessing you live in one of the sh*thole towns I was telling our hero about; there are lots of them in Texas.

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    • BUT Tex has a point to some extent, however inelegantly put. He's right that GIRLS play games. That is probably the type of GIRL he gets, or GIRLS with no self respect who take that crap.

      He's also right that real WOMEN don't need to be treated like 'princesses', but real WOMEN want to be treated like they are special, loved, respected and appreciated.

      He's also right that you need to set limits and express your feelings or you won't be valued. But being a real MAN means doing that fairly.

    • You know it's funny how people always comment on my posts expressing their opinions, and when I respond back they cry about it because they don't like my responses. I know what I am doing and I know how to get women, you even agreed with me raindaydreamaway, and if guys took my advice they wouldn't be complaining on how they can't get a gf.

  • Well the irony is that girls don't realize they CREATE the bad guys. The good guys that actually have things going well and are attractive try desperately to get girls attentions. It's when the girls ignore them for that and go for all the assholes that they slowly change. Myself I started out as a good guy and girls hardly even cared even though I was fun, confident, and strong talking. They would love to talk with me and spend time with me, but anytime I ever asked one of them out they always replied "Well I'm sort of seeing a guy". For 3 years I slowly changed from the good guy I was to the asshole I became. For those 3 years I worked out, became a much more violent and angry person, and started working to get money. Well the time came when one of those girls wanted to be with me. However after a few weeks I found out she had already had her fun with one of those other guys. So after about the 3rd week I told her in the coldest, harshest way I could that "I don't want you and I don't love you". I've dated a few girls, but I honestly have no emotion to give them. I suppose I lost my respect for women when I became a better person than them. I actually have my life together and I have a great future ahead of me. They don't, they wasted there time with those guys having tons of fun while I worked hard to become who I am. I won't wait for any girl. To be precise I won't even think of her as attractive if she ever had sex with one of those bad guys. The first time I had sex I gave her 7 orgasms, but I couldn't even bring myself to come AT ALL (pretty bad considering I'm a guy) and I actually had to PRETEND that she was a virgin just to keep an erection going. She had already had her fun with bad guys and because of it as soon as she woke up the next day I told her to "GET OUT". I suppose the only way a woman could even please me is if she never had sex and that she has her life together. I suppose the good news of this story is the girls love me now.

    • Oh yea I forgot it was only after I joined this site I started to change. So I guess it's time for a success story?

    • Females, your "goodies" dictates males' behavior. If you rewards A-holes w access to ur p***y, don't be butthurt if guys you deemed as "sweet"/"nice" (that you wouldn't date anyway) become A-holes to get p***y (it usually works btw), and they never go back.

      Think about it: if these arrogant, ego-inflated, selfish, manipulative, A-holes guys NEVER got sex from girls, they would change their ways.

      That's like a parent saying don't go in that room, but every time he does, he gets a piece of candy.


    BELIEVE ME, enroll in some Women's Studies classes, because you care about whatever that particular class is. Feminist girls won't put up with bullsh*t from loser guys. They'll date YOU, if they are single. And heterosexual. Which most feminists are, contrary to stereotypes.

    Hang out with girls who respect themselves, who have gone through the "bad boy" experience once or twice and learned that hard, awful lesson.

    And learn how to kiss REALLY well, and to perform oral sex on women REALLY WELL. Bad boys are often AWFUL and abusive in bed. And all about "give me head NOW, b*tch!" So learn how to bring women to multiple orgasms. And learn all the many ways to do this.

    And be honest, truthful, and not too self-deprecating. Be happy with who you are. No one has much respect for someone who doesn't have respect for themselves. And unfortunately, "bad boys" are perceived--quite mistakenly--as having self-esteem. Either that, or they're seen as "guys who need to be cared about, because if someone shows them enuf care, they'll blossom like roses". NOT. Women and girls: I don't recommend EVER getting with a guy in order to change him. He needs to change himself. Let him do that alone. Don't go near him while he's a caterpillar. Wait until he's a butterfly to ride high with him.

    So, Anonymous User, be that butterfly, but not a moth to a flame. Have your own sense of yourself. And know that she'll come along when it's the right time.

  • I'll tell you a secret, and I hope you listen well. Girls are attracted to guys that pursue them. That really go after them and give them attention. They love the attention, no matter if he's a bad guy or not. And the fact is, half the time they don't even know if he is or not. But they do know is that they are getting his attention and they are being pursued. That pretty much takes the cake.

    Bad guys are more attractive because they are more confident, more daring, better risk takers, and more likely to be themselves.

    If you want to avoid getting the shaft, start learning to build your confidence and stop worrying about why girls go for bad guys.

    • Actually if you want her to like you, all you have to do is treat her like a cat. My point is the more you ignore a cat, the more it wants your attention, same goes for women, the more attention you give them, they're not interested but once you start ignoring them, they will beg you for attention.

    • Littletad is right about the confidence thing, but wrong about the "chasing her" thing.

      Chasing her and giving her attention only works when she already finds you attractive. It doesn't work if you're the creepy stalker who can't take a hint.

      Being confident, being playful, and being slightly mysterious about your intentions will get you much farther than being the guy who's desperately chasing girls hoping to be noticed.

  • yes I agree with some of the answers here.. the key is balance.. no one wants to be smothered and no one wants to be totally ignored.. a guy who can be caring and challenging.. a guy who can disagree and stick to his opinion and a guy who can support the woman's decision.. that is what most women look for.

  • Here's an article written by a close friend of mine for my website. This will help you out and answer your question.

    Why Women Go For Jerks

    You wonder why, and what could she possibly see in him? We ask ourselves this question every time we see it. Why do the most beautiful women always go for the jerks?

    The answer is quite simple. They have something that the rest do not. That special thing they have may be limited, yet it is enough for them to have success. In the end, he never ends up keeping her. Only moving onto the next unfulfilling relationship and she is left heart broken.

    The cycle of unhappiness continues. So what exactly does the Jerk do correctly? The jerk is able to show a few alpha male qualities. Non-Neediness, Dominance, he values himself.

    We are only attracted to those who we view as equal or greater than value to us. The jerk is able to create attraction by over inflating himself and bringing those down around him. This is unhealthy. He keeps the girl around by making her feel like she can't get anyone else because her value is shot down so low and he over inflates his own.

    Dominance is a quality that the jerk share’s with the Alpha Male. The jerk displays dominance because he views women as nothing more than sh*t. A piece of ass. Since he feels he is so much better than them he is able to conquer them easily and not care. Dominance and a certain level of aggression is an attractive trait that he does possess. It is positive because it shows strong leadership in hard times and his ability to protect her.

    Non-Neediness is one of the last main and few qualities that the jerk does share with the Alpha Male. The Alpha Male doesn't need to beg or ask for anything from the girl. He knows he can already get it, so it is not THAT big of a deal. The jerk just doesn't care either. The beta-male never gets anything so he is always begging for it. So the more the Alpha and the jerk get the less they beg and thus the more they get. While the less the beta-male gets, the more he is desperate and begs for scraps or what ever he can get. This behavior as we all know is unattractive.

    So the Alpha and the Jerk are in positive reinforcing cycles of getting laid, while the beta is stuck in a downward helpless spiral of misery and masturbation.

    Self-Value is something that both the Alpha male and jerk have, they have a sense of there own value.

    The Alpha knows who he is, and where he stands. He is a man who stands with confidence. This is a very attractive trait. The jerk has an over inflated sense of self value. He thinks that he is "the sh*t" and that he is better than everyone else. Since attraction is created by having an equal or higher value to someone else, he manages to create attraction in an unhealthy way.

    This is only half of the article, I don't have enough characters to add the rest of it. Find the link to my website in my profile, click Articles, then Why Women Go For Jerks by Big Q under Inner Game Articles

  • Most of the girls will say they prefer a nice guy but in reality they are the ones whom they share the stories about how big of an a** hole their boyfriend is. Girls like to experience the rough side and it turns them on when their cocky boyfriends are not intimidated by their excessive demands. There is no proven answer for this question but I am telling you from what I have seen, the jerks are the ones who get laid the most. My suggeestion; stop acting nice, weak and don't go out of your way to accomodate the other person unless your obviousally great friends with them. Start standing up for yourself and think about yourself first before thinking about others.

  • The majority of women lack insight into their own motives (most men, too, but women are the ones constantly flattering themselves about their supposedly advanced emotions).

    Here's the big secret. It's so simple that most people overlook it.


    Here it is:

    Women who prefer bad boys are afraid of intimacy.

    When women date a bad boy, they're guaranteed that they never have to be open and honest, never risk a deep and meaningful emotional connection. With a bad boy, women can fool themselves into believing that it's all his fault. If he'd only share his feelings (or stop drinking, or always answer her calls, or hold a steady job, or stop sleeping around, or whatever) then the relationship would be perfect!

    Avoid these girls, because they're messed up and don't deserve a minute of your time.

  • Don't worry, in the end, the nice guys win. Those who choose the bad partners either end up unhappy are into self abuse.

    Sounds corny, but its true.

    You are only 19, go to school, or something to improve yourself. This will attract a nice mate.

    • That's true... I agree and I'm going to school and looking for every possible way to improve myself so in the end, I hope things work out.

  • It seems like your problem isn't that you are nice, or that women prefer jerks, although a lot of women do, it sounds like your game needs fine tuning.

    You have to realize that sexual confidence is not assuming your going to bed down the next woman you see. It is confidence in yourself as a man. The way you carry yourself. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the company of your female companions, in a normal way. Society causes us to objectify women, and that makes every thing they do, say, wear, etc., seem either sexual or a turnoff. Just be yourself, and don't look at women as mere sexual creatures. They are human beings, and believe me, they are interested in you. Just don't act desperate. Don't feel as if you HAVE to have them or else. Exude confidence. Pay attention to them. Listen to them. Make them feel important. Treat them as if they are special. Because they are. Remember their names and the things that are important to them. Smile naturally when in their company. Talk to them about them. And don't pressure yourself with some ridiculous goal, like trying to see if you can get inside their pants.

  • HA! The age old question. Girls do NOT like bad guys. What person would want someone that treats them like crap and slaps them around (in extreme case). It not the "bad guy" in and of himself it is the set of attributes he embodies and how they are naturally attractive to women.

    He is:

    Confident: He is never flustered, never afraid.

    Adventurous: Always being cool and doing risky exciting thing.

    Not needy: He doesn't call you all the time and doesn't latch himself to you like a wussy.

    He is decisive: He makes decisions, leads his social grouping.

    Mysterious: Probably doesn't give all of himself...and we all know women love to "figure" people out.

    Funny: Probably teases a lot

    These attributes are often part and parcel of a "bad guy" amidst the abusive tendencies. But guess what? Plenty of good guys out there have the same tendencies but respect women.

  • You've got it wrong. Women are not attracted to guys because they like being treated like crap. The reason why the bad boy gets more women than a nice boy is because he has other qualities that women are attracted to that the nice boy does not.

    -Bad boys usually possess confidence, a quality that a lot of women are attracted to. Women naturally think a self assured guy will be capable of protecting her. If you can't stand up for yourself, how can a woman expect you to have the strength stand up for them?

    -The fact that they use drugs and alcohol usually means that they're free of any inhibitions holding them back. Being nervous and self conscious is a serious problem when it comes to attracting women. They'll never know what kind of a person you are if you're quiet and reserved. People drink so alcohol at parties not necessarily because it tastes good but because it keeps them from thinking too much. Sometimes, it's just better to act on impulse.

    -They're also not overly persistent and know how to keep their distance. Women aren't looking for a relationship with a guy who dotes on them 24/7. They could get that from a friend or relative. When it comes to romantic relationships, it's not enough to just be nice. You have to go beyond that and offer them a challenge too. If a woman knows that they don't have to any effort to get your attention, they'll quickly grow bored of you.

    Now don't get me wrong. This does not mean that you should immediately adopt a bad boy attitude yourself and start binge drinking and snorting crack. I'm saying that you should take note of the qualities that women are attracted to. Nice is good, but it just won't cut it because women simply aren't romantically attracted to that.

    Most importantly, as a nice guy you probably treat everybody in a friendly manner. And I mean everybody. Ask yourself this: How can a woman expect you to love her if you treat her the same way as everyone else?

    • I agree. Don't become a bad boy, there is nothing hotter then a nice guy with the qualities listed above.

    • Wow. I can't believe ur a guy. you truly understand women! congrats! =)

      "How can a woman expect you to love her if you treat her the same way as everyone else?" I never thought of this before. but its actually one of the main reasons why bad boys are hot. they make you feel special

  • Hey dude, just hang in there. I'm a nice guy, a few years older than you, and can tell you that girls looking for a nice guy will come along. Even the ones that are completely opposite of you will come knocking. Just be careful not to let them think that you're too available or else they might not be too interested. The thing is, you have to remember that eventually, most girls (nice, not nice, drinkers, etc...) want to settle down and start a family someday (marry). This usually happens after their stage(s) (if applicable) of going after someone they're not going to end up with (or whatever kind of dude) is over and they want to find somebody to, like I said, marry. So I would not take any comments from chicks too seriously which make statements giving 100% support to the not so nice guy and saying "nice guys finish last". It's just not true. You're just too young to realize it.

    Charizzle's last paragraph is true. Girls or maybe even the right girl will come along for you in time.

    Dr. Jones gives some nice pointers, you should take a look at them.

    And don't forget, girls like "shygurl0897" can be pretty hot too, but just have a shy personality.

  • I know exactly what you mean man,I'm a nice guy and was left by 2 girlfriends for the bad boys. What I learned about that is basically it's a challenge for the girls to see if they can "tame" the bad boy. I have no idea why they want to do this but it's legit. Plus they aren't women yet so they make dumb choices and suffer for it later on. But on the other hand I have been chosen by the girls who are with the bad boys,I think it's because they get burned out on the bad boys and see that they need a nice guy. So at some point the girls who want the bad boy realize they need a nice guy,see the want v.s. the need part? Go for the older women,you say your 19 so go after the 25 year old "women" who don't deal with drama.

  • Women like to be challenged, dared, played with, seduced and picked up by confident guys. Nice guys generally don't know how to do this and come over boring. If your always nice a women doesn't really trust you... I mean what will this guys bad side look like?

    You don't have to be a "bad" guy, you just need to learn some new skills, that you won't learn at school, to handle women and still respect them. Trust me, I've being there and didn't understand it either until I found out the skills I missed. Check out link Ross Jeffries offers a fantastic course that is worth every cent. It has totally transformed my approach to women. The earlier you learn these skills the better it will be for you.

  • Seriously I don't get them either. Ladies read this... You never see a guy dump a girl or not become interested in her just because she was too "nice." Think about it!

    • Ha! I know right? It's usually the reason I start liking a girl... because she's pretty and really nice!

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    • Thats because ur instincts tell you to look for a girl who'll be a good, caring mother. our instincts tell us to look for strong , powerful men who'll guarantee you a safe future. bad boys just seem more powerful

    • Um.. this isn't prehistoric time were in. I understand it's all instinctual but who says that I am not strong and powerful? Does the fact that I am nice seem to make me less of a man to you? That I can't fulfill what you think of as a strong and powerful man.

  • the so-called bad boys have 2 things the nice guy dnt have: confidence, and a backbone. Lotsa nice guys are too damn nice... what woman wants a wussbag? the bad boys are shallow underneath the smoothness... it will take more time for the nice guy to get his, but it will be real. Also, the nice guy, by the time he gets his girl, will be whole and developed, instead of the bad boy being incomplete... that's why game is their calling card. Period. Getting girls isn't hard... show up with some confidence, dnt be afraid to talk to em, and dnt have em on a pedestal- less creepy that way...

  • I think the girls want a bad boy mainly because of the sexual thrill. Like they're being naughty or bad. And the most part they look at the 'bad boys' because they're usually 'hot'. Humans look at the way you look, mentally or not, because if they're good looking they usually have good genetics and will give their offspring good genes.

    Don't worry man, girls usually end up with guys like you.

  • Join the club dude.

    I know exactly how you feel

    • Yeah... Love is BS.

      I fall for someone for all the right reasons, but it seems like those around me fall for the wrong reasons.

  • i feel ya but , but try diff approaches. but yes I would also like to know why I got hurt because I wasn't bad enough too, but what do girls get out of bein with a di^k besides gettin hurt? my cuzin is a a$shole to girls and he gets them left and right. I dongt get it.

  • You're preaching to the choir, my friend. It baffles me.

  • well you've answered your own question

    you know what to do

    DO IT!

    sorry, dogg

  • because unfortuneately, women love being submissive to men


  • The truth of the matter is women prefer that bad guys more to the good guys. FACT. I'm a nice guy but it has got me nowhere. The arseholes pull women, the nice guys are there for being a shoulder to cry on when the bad guys hurt them. So often I got "oh you'll find a nice girl" from girls. That's cos they all prefer idiots and not us nice guys, bu in reality we are really the idiots for sucking up to these girls. Don't change from being a nice guy, just do not let any girl use you as a doormat or a shoulder to cry on, be cold at times, never be desperate, never reply back to her texts or emails straight away (ignoring helps a lot as well), show other girls attention, soon you;ll be having girls without being an arsehole.

    And remember, only a small minorty of women like clean cut nice guys, most prefer a bad guy.

    • "And remember, only a small minorty of women like clean cut nice guys, most prefer a bad guy."

      I wouldn't necessarily say 'bad'; I would say 'rugged' or 'rough around the edges'.

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