Girls: Why the "bad guys?" Seriously...

Girls openly admit that they NEED a nice guy, but they WANT a bad boy... Even if they always break their hearts.

But why do you want a bad boy? What do they do for you exactly? I mean its cool to be dating some drugged up loser, or just an idiot in general that isn't respectful to those around him, someone that will, in some way, abuse his GF?

These "bad boys" aren't men... They're selfish and immature. A real man would always be there for his lady, treat her (and people in general) with respect and just be an all-round good guy.

I mean what attracts you to a guy with a p*ss-poor attitude, or a guy on drugs or whatever in the first place? What's wrong with a good, nice guy? Even good looking nice guys have a hard time with attracting a girl.

I don't understand... I'm just sick of being the friend and not the BF. And its like I'm just living a good, clean, normal life, and no love for me. I'm 19, completely sober, very nice and respectful of those around me, I don't act like an idiot... And I've never had a GF. I don't get what I'm doing wrong.

I hope all my pain and suffering will be worth it because it seems like I can't get any decent girls to like me. I feel totally undesirable, and to me, for what seems like no reason at all.

Girls: Why the "bad guys?" Seriously...
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