What does it mean when a guy swears at you jokingly?

So I have been talking to this guy for few weeks now. Every now and then he drops a swear word and calls me a bitch, dumbfuck etc. I got pissed at that because i never swear for no reason specially if i claim to like the person. I feel disrespected and i told him that then he swears more and then he goes "i will swear at you all i want coz one day you'll be mine" then i asked him what he thinks of me and he goes nothing i am not interested in you? wtf and then when i stop messaging him and back off he keeps messaging me and tells me he's addicted to me. why is he doing that? is he really serious or joking? why is he leading me on for no reason? whenever i say something back to him just to piss me off he blocks me on whatsapp and then unblocks me the next day. what kinda childish behavior is this? today i told him off so he said he will block me for good and now i am blocked again. i am really pissed off. what can i do to piss him off? should i block him too? or just let it go?

he says i only like talking to you coz you are fun. i love teasing you, and i love it when you get so mad. wtf is this shit?
one day he talks like a normal person another day he's an ass to me? then i ask him why is he doing that he goes because i am already addicted to you i dont wanna go crazy for you.. what the hell? this guy is messing my head so bad?


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  • I'm sorry but I have to ask this:

    How fucking stupid are you?

    Drop his ass like the sack of shit he is!!

    For the love of GOD woman, have some fucking self respect!

    Why in the hell would a man respect you if you cannot respect yourself?

    I am flabbergasted here. Who cares what this dickbag thinks? He's lower than scum.

    To summarize: Are you retarded? Drop him and forget him. Show yourself more respect than to tolerate his shit.

    I apologize for calling you stupid and retarded but how can you expect me to show you respect when you can't respect yourself in this situation with this boy?

    Find a M A N who will love, cherish, honor, and respect you.


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  • Either he's instinctively being a little bit of an asshole to try and appear dominant and manly to you because he finds you attractive (and is doing it all wrong). Or he really is just a giant ass of a person.

    I say it's the latter. Forget this chump.

    • no one day he said he wouldve asked me out but i need to lose weight and he's giving me about 2 months time to lose weight wtf? i am not fat maybe a little overweight but i workout everyday. why is he degrading me so much?


      He's either looking for an abusive and possessive relationship where he gets to treat you like shit and get whatever he wants from you or he is just a giant butt who just likes to be mean.

      Seriously, just forget about him. Find a guy who isn't a butt.

  • That's not teasing. That's outright disrespect. Dump him.


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  • stupid and immature behavior. with both things you mentioned the swearing and the mind games. I would hate to be called a bitch by someone i liked even in a joking manner. so disrespectful. and also the whole "i can swear if i want one day you will be mine" is so possessive and creepy. you should get away from him ASAP!!

  • he's an asshole. forget about him. love yourself, respect yourself and move on. find a nice guy who can respect you and your decisions not just some asshole that is trying to get in your pants.