Is it normal to not get butterflies in your stomach anymore when dating in your 30s?

I'm recently divorced and have started dating someone new. I enjoy being with him, look forward to seeing him and receiving his texts (I get really excited when I get a message from him), and I am sexually attracted to him. I get turned on whenever I think about his kisses and being physically intimate. But I've noticed that when I'm with him, there are no butterflies in my stomach; no blushing whenever he looks at me. The feeling I have when we're hanging out is somewhere between comfortable and still somewhat awkward and shy. When I was dating before I got married, I almost always had a reeling-from-my-emotions, butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling whenever I was with a guy I liked. So this no-butterflies deal is new to me. Is it only because I'm older now, or does this mean I'm not really into him?

Ladies in your 30s, is this normal? And is this indicative of a potentially long-term, healthy relationship?


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  • I suppose its normal. I have only been in a couple of really bad relationships, and haven't even attempted dating for over 4 years now. And I have become immune to human emotions associated with romance and love. So I never have butterflies in my stomach, except maybe those times when I have to ask my boss for a raise!

  • Heck yeah it's normal to get butterflies at age 30 or older
    I'm age 46 and when a woman/ girl flirts with me
    yes i get butterflies in my stomach , i blush, anxiety
    i don't see it being abnormal to get butterflies when
    your older age and dating/ flirting , common sense
    we still get turned on / horny when we are older when
    someone we are attractive to turns us on or we have a
    crush on someone.


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