I dont get it why does he keep texting me like this?

so i have put a post up about this guy before n he confuses the hell out of me any way so he kept making up exscuses that he was so busy with work n that he has no time blabla n he sed he wants a relationship but its just not fair n we played that game for 6 months ny way finally i got over the game coz it was going no where so I've started dating someone else n stopped texting him any way the last 2 weekends he text me going hey what r u doing u should come ova n I've been wiv this other guy n i told him i couldn't coz i was on a date n then he was like oh so its to late for me i miss u i wanna see u and all that crap but then i sed what do u want tell me what u want n he's like i wanna see u! n im like yeah but y? n then he pulled the whole i do want a relationship but im just so busy its not fair crap again n i told him im not gunna be the girl he texts for a booty call im not that kind of girl n im seeing some one else now y does he keep texting me like that i dont get it?


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  • He keeps texting you like that because one time it might work.

    • what might work? im not gunna be a booty call not to him ny way lol

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    • so how do i make him realise im not gunna sleep wiv him

    • You just say "listen, this isn't working out, we don't want the same things... Please don't text me any more". And block his #.

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  • Because he is a fool.

    • ummm thats not helpful at all lol

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    • i can't block text messages i can block phone calls but thats it

    • You can. Call your provider. Have the texts blocked.

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