Why do non-black men find black women unattractive?

Okay so recently i have discovered people religiously believe black women are ugly. Its sad even men of our own race belittle us, and honestly im tired of hearing the attitude or lack of education excuse. Not all black women are rude and dumb not all white women are sweet and smart. I have defended criticism towards white women because i think women period are fucking perfect. I don't consider myself ugly but I'm positive someone else does, frankly i don't care. Just recently well if 12 years is recently I found myself in love with a little white chocolate and im not talking Hershey if you catch my drift. If non-black men feel we are ugly why? I don't want to be in love with something that hates me. Racism is so 100 years ago


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  • I for one never paid any attention to black women because I assumed black women weren't interested in dating white guys. Since I wasn't paying attention to them, I never noticed the attractive traits of black women. If it wasn't for this site, I would still think black women weren't interested, and wouldn't notice any of the attractive black women I have recently started noticing.

    When I mention to other guys I know that there are a lot of black women interested in dating white guys, the guy is always very surprised. Many of them have told me they were under the assumption that black women hated white guys. I think this is in large part do to the media creating stereotypes. I am not one to often lay blame on the media, but in this case I do think it played a role in my disbelief that black women were interested.

    There is some evidence that shows if a person thinks something is not an option for them, their brain will actually change their preference so they will prefer what is available. I forget what that this process is called, but it may play a part in the types of women men are attracted to. Black women are stereotyped as not liking white guys, and white guys aren't interested in dating black women. Asian women are stereotyped as loving white guys, and white guys love Asian women. I think breaking these stereotypes would do a lot to making black women more desirable.


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  • With all the interacial dating, interacial marriages and interacial babies I think it's safe to say that not all feel that way. Why do some of them? I don't know, but does it really matter why? You're attracted to what you're attracted to. You can't control it. No sense in judging that. I'm not attracted to Asian girls, but there are a choice few that are exceptions I would date. I'm sure it's the same way for these guys. Not being attracted to girls of a particular race for the most part doesn't require racism. They're honest

  • Media + black girls behaviors themselves. The nasty black chicks ruin the reputation for every other black girl, it's hard to get it out of your head. I do remember this one girl from HS though, her name was shantelle. She was the complete opposite of the stereotype, just so chill and laid back. Damn that alone was so hot, I found her really attractive.

  • There's nothing you can do about it. Attraction is biological. You can't just force us into thinking you're attractive.

  • I find some black women very attractive, just like I find some women of every race and ethnicity attractive (OK, I've never seen an Australian Aborigine woman I found attractive, but I haven't seen many of them anyway).

    I think most guys (white or otherwise) feel this way. I don't find a woman attractive or unattractive just because of her race. Granted, depending on ones tastes, a particular man may like certain features that are more common in a particular race. Watched a Cuba-Japan women's volleyball match once, and it was funny how all the (black) Cuban women had big butts and the Japanese women all had flat butts. So, in that example, someone who is or isn't into big butts might find one or the other group more desirable based on their own likes.

  • that's a lie basically... many non-black guys would dig a black chick

  • for me and a lot of my friends its nothing to do with race, yes a guy can not be into a certain race per say but that doesn't mean he dislikes them totally. Its abit different but i'd only ever bieng with white girls with brown hair up until 6 months ago then a started seeing a blonde, when i got to uni i became attracted to a japanese girl despite the fact i usually go for big butts. Stereotypical but it goes to show that yes, guys and girls have general rules on what races they're into but it doesn't mean its a guarenteed no. Personally i take every person individually and start from the bottom rather than pre judge based on race... but not everybody does. With black girls: i kinda have abit of a thing but i've not met a black girl in a long time since i moved but i definitely would if that helps haha?

  • Which people?

  • You're right, most black women are smart and beautiful and don't deserve the stereotype of having a bad attitude or being obnoxious.

    In a sense, black women suffer the same fate us white guys do. I mean let's face it... no matter what I do or what my life experiences have been, because I'm a white guy in the US I am automatically judged to be a privileged, racist prick. It sucks.

  • I'm generally not attracted to black women, but it's more so because of hair, attitude, and body.

    I love long hair, and most black women can't really grow long hair naturally.

    It's not true for every black woman, but most black women have a confrontational hyper sensitive nature, which is generally a gigantic turn off.

    Most black women don't have my preferred body type. Generally black women have more muscle, and I'm not very attracted to a muscular woman's physique. Either that or they're overweight. Even when they're thin to my preference a black women's thin body is built differently than a white, hispanic, or Asian woman's thin body. I honestly just find black women's bone structure unappealing.

    With all this said, there are exceptions to the rule. I have had a mixed (half black/white) girlfriend and been with a black girl. It does not apply to every woman, but more often than not you will find these unfavorable (in my opinion) characteristics in black women.

    • Black women can definitely grow long hair naturally.
      The ones who can't usually do something UNNATURAL to their hair or just aren't taking care if it. Same thing happens to white girls, Latinas, whatever.
      I wish people would stop assuming that.

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    • & Okay.
      You just don't like our hair which is fine.
      But just know that our hair can and will grow really long when taken care of and because of our kinks our hair looks shorter than what it really is.

    • Well you see, that is exactly what I mean. White women destroy their hair so it doesn't grow well naturally anymore, while black women (usually) have to perform constant upkeep on their hair to get it to grow as long as the average white/hispanic/asian woman's hair.

      Honestly, (I mean you're wearing a face mask in your picture) but you seem like an attractive girl. You might not fit into my description of the black women that I generally see, but I find myself attracted to less black women than other women. I have actually asked myself why I think this before and that is why my answer is so through. It has nothing to do with skin color or racial prejudice, it is simply the fact that black women more common posses these traits which are unpreferable to me specifically.

      I'm also not attracted to white/asian/hispanic women with pixie cuts, or short hair (usually). It's simply my preference, and regardless of why, black women in general have shorter hair than most other races.

  • Not being attracted to someone or some race does not make a person racist... please discover what "racism" means... it's 2014 and since the race card is used so often, the actual meaning should be well known by now. Preference is not racism.

    That said and to answer your question. If I am being fully honest with you, black women, by vast majority, are incredibly unattractive by nearly every facet. Appearance, personality, communication skills, education, desire to play the race card (major negative) for no reason, and the ridiculous clothing they tend to wear.


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  • It happens, lol.
    My favorite is when some guys see an attractive black girl and deny the fact that she's black. As if there is no way a black girl can be attractive, she HAS to be "mixed" with something else.
    Don't know if you've seen that, but I do from time to time.

  • yeah ugh I'm really sorry you gotta go through that

    • ughh GAG cut out the rest of my message ;_; I said a little more after this but it was mostly just a lot of exclamation marks lol. But yeah I think you're right about it being racism!! some of my black female friends would call this specifically Misogynoir - antiblack misogyny!! And like really I think generally people who say this shit about black women are just straight up evil. Even some of the dudes who have answered, tbh. And I'm really sorry u gotta put up with that, and defending white women n obviously not gettng that in return, thats all fucked up :( [heart emotes]

  • I personally do not date white guys and I am African American if you saw me you would think I was Latina (jlo)
    Some white guys get so butt hurt online when I say this too because most think every exotic looking chick and non black girl is obsessed with them LOL

    • I'm sorry I meant most white guys think every non white girl is obsessed with them

  • First of all you are gorgeous no doubt about it :)
    Some white men will/do find you attractive. Maybe they are intimidated by you?
    Honestly, nothing personal, I'm not tying to be racist, but 90% of black women I have encountered have attitude. You may not be that way. But the majority I have delt with have this crazy attitude. I am Latina so I usually get dirty looks from black women. Even when I am extremely nice to them, it's just a turn off to be around that type of catty attitude.
    But the friends I have that are black females, my god they posses this strong vibe, I love about them. Just positive, cool, collective. It all depends on the person really. :)

    • omg thanks love lol im more of an oreo not a lot of attitude there haha and you're right

  • hmm.. perhaps because of the recent kardashian trend.. big booty~ big big booty~ (hate that song)
    you tell me, black girls have been trying to promote their bums forever, maybe that's one reason.