Back fat: Gross or indifferent?

I've always had back fat for as long as I remember, and as hard as I work out and diet, it never seems to go away (I consider myself someone with an average body: size 8).

I'm getting more and more insecure about it and was wondering:
Do you guys notice back fat at all? Under clothes, in a bikini, etc?
If you do, do you get grossed out?


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  • Now I think about (this might sound weird lol) I find a girl's back quite sexy. A few folds are pretty normal and quite feminine, women are not supposed to be ripped! I've never considered "back fat" before lol

  • Guys are not as superficial as you think. For girls one or two things can turn her off. For guys there needs to be quite a few before we back off.

    • I never thought about that! Thanks for replying :)

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