Girlfriends bestfriend on snapchat another guy?

She has a slutty past.. we are moving out together soon and she has mentioned other guys hitting on her a lot. We are sneaking around because of her parents. Her best friend on snapchat is this other guy that's her coworker says he's mean tk her calls her ugly in a playful way. He has a girlfriend and I met them at a work party. I accused her she gave me a really genuine speech. But at first she got rwally defensive saying I didn't think you were the jealous type.. I can't have friends? etc . I mean I look at snapchat as a pretty flirty app. She is still best friends with this dude after two weeks now.

Says she would never betray me like that and it was really genuine.
This is every week though. And her only bestfriend.


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  • Sounds like you already think she's guilty. Which to clarify is your trust issue, not necessarily anything to do with her behaviour. My snapchat best friends are guys that I'm good friends with, just friends though, because snapchat isn't just a flirty app, it's funny, instant and expressive too- she probably innocently snaps that work friend of hers. For the record if your girlfriend was cheating I bet you wouldn't find out through snapchat best friends, guilty people tend to be a bit more sly.

    I'd guess that if you're unable to relax and believe your girlfriend then your relationship is pretty much doomed because that kind of suspicion and scrutiny really ruins romance. End it and be sad and alone and potentially fuck up a good thing, or choose to believe the girl your with is of a higher standard than that and drop your paranoia. Red or blue pill bro

    • I mean this is her only best friend every week. Shit con fuses me if I was sending a girl pictures of myself all day I would be trying to get in her pants.

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And here's why - SHE'S NOT YOU. Doesn't matter that it only occurs to you to send dick pics, that's not what majority of people use it for. I think your determined to project your own fears of cheating onto her.

      P. S men and women are best friends all the time, in real life and on snapchat. Your girlfriend doesn't deserve to be on trial, regardless of her past. If I was her I would be gone by now.

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  • Lol I have two best friends in my snapchat that are guys. I think honestly since you obviously don't trust her and seem insecure because of her "slutty" past, then you probably shouldn't even be with her.

    • It's not something I should b worried about?

    • Do you have a boyfriend?

    • If you trust your girl then not at all, yes and he never questions me because he knows I'd never do anything of the sort, especially about something so petty as a snap chat.

  • I, personally would check her phone next time I saw her. If you don't quite trust her enough to let it go without asking for advice, I'd snoop.

    • Everything is automatically deleted in snapchat.. how

    • Not just sc, but maybe she texts her coworker as well? If she doesn't, just wait until you see she's got an unopened snap from the guy.

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  • Her past is what is bothering you... you HAVE to get over her past, or this relationship is doomed to fail.

  • Well if it's really genuine then it's GOT to be true, right?

    • Females are good liars too

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    • I want to. Just don't want to be played for a fool.

    • It is a yes or no question. You either do or don't. If you do don't worry about this and let it go. If you d not it will eat at you until you resolve this internally. Whichever path lies before you there is no guarantee you'll find the truth so you are better off making it up based on how you feel.

  • you don't trust her... simple... you need to trust her again so this is not on your mind :P

    • I mean does this sound normal to you?

    • One best friend every week same dude that she works with

    • I would tell her how you feel then man. That's the only thing you can really do at this point really... or kick the guys ass?

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