Is it bad to spoil my girlfriend?

I like spoiling the girl I'm with. But some people say that comes off too needy or clingy. So is it bad to spoil my girlfriend? Ladies, how do you like to be spoiled?


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  • No, that's not bad at all! Clingy to me is if you're texting her like once an hour, or always checking up on her Facebook/Twitter, calling all the time, that kind of thing.

    Spoiling her is not even in the same ballpark. Just spend within your means and make sure she's not taking advantage of you (I. E. Being a gold digger). It's nice to be spoiled - I love when my husband buys things for me and takes me places.

    I hope your girlfriend does the same for you in return as well 😊


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  • Spoiling would be remembering the little details, taking me places which are meaningful for me. Even if that be a walk through the local park.

    Gifts are mainstream, I think it's nice but I can buy what I need for myself.

    • So is getting nice gifts for her bad then?

    • No its not bad at all. Everyone is individual, I think you need to evaluate your own relationship with her and see how much you both dedicate to each other. After all love is a two sided thing. I think I'm past the age where monetary value means much. Its very pleasant to recieve a nice gift but in this day & age someones time is way more precious

    • I agree. I am definitely not much for gifts. I would take a trip in Paris over any gift anyday.

  • It totally depends on her personality, some get used to it and they will always expect it for you. There are some that no matter how many things you get for her, she doesn't want you to spend money on her.

  • Its not bad at all. My crush likes to surprise me with gifts sometimes. I love it when he shouts me a coffee etc.

  • heck no it's not bad. you're an awesome boyfriend lol

  • Don't spoil her, instead be surprising. Do something when least expected, and don't shower to many gifts. Personally I like to spend time with someone more than receiving gifts.

    • What if I like getting her gifts?

    • Well, If you like to get her gifts, I have no say so in telling you to stop doing what you like. If its a "thing" you do in your relationship don't stop. However, in my opinion (I'm very independent, work for my own money, have a mind of my own) I just don't like too many gifts. On occasion yes, but every so often no. I just love spending 'time' its more valuable to me than gifts. I guess you could say I'm not like many women. A lot of them like to be spoiled it seems, just don't let her take advantage of you later. She may expect you get her things all the time and it might change the relationship. If she is genuine and really appreciates that you like to get her things and that makes you happy then continue.

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