No spark when kissing? Please help ?

So my gf and I have been dating for 2 months and we are both eachothers first relationship. I like her a lot and she's so pretty and we get along so well and compliment eachother awesome and I know we're a perfect match. My only concern is that when we kiss I don't feel these so called "tingles" or "sparks". We have had some hot make out sessions that turned me on and were awesome just cause it was so hot but the ones that are just normal and less touching and stuff I don't really enjoy cause there isn't a bunch of emotion for me. Maybe I don't know what to expect cause she was my first kiss? Or will It come in time? Or is the spark overrated? I'm not breaking up with her so don't suggest that.. I know that we will last I just wanna address this issue. Thanks for any help! :)


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  • When more feelings develop and with more time the kisses will bring spark and passion

    • The other girls opinion got me worried! So glad to hear that, I think so too! Thanks for your input :))

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    • Yes I do. It certainly happened for me and even my boyfriend. With time comes more understanding of one another and the love you both have deepens on another level entirely. After 8 years of dating, we are getting engaged and will marry after I graduate college.

    • Don't worry too much about the sparks. Just worry about how she makes you better as a person :)

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  • no spark = no feelings.
    trust me when I say this.
    I've kissed my share of guys and when I finally found the right one the tiniest peck on the lips, it's one of the best feelings in the world.. you have no idea what it feels like to genuinely love someone and I knew after only a few weeks. we're going on a year now :)

    • I feel like my scenario is different.. I'm definatley falling in love and before I knew her I thought she was the most beautiful girl and crushed on her for 3 yeArs from afar. I think it will happen, sparks will come I just don't know when. She makes me the happiest man alive!!! It's just the kisses!

    • The "spark" should be there already.. I've been with amazing guys and I thought I loved them but it never compared to what I have now. this is the first time I've really felt a spark with anyone. I knew it from the first time we kissed

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  • It will come in time like all things it takes practice like riding a bike! Good luck!

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