What is the next step after your crush agreed to go out with you?

We worked at the same place for almost 2 years. Even though we worked in different departments, but we sometimes sat together during lunch, but that was it.

He added me on Facebook a few months after I quit and said that I left without saying goodbye cuz he was on a vacation. He asked me out for a drink through Facebook, but I did not accept it cuz I had a boyfriend, and I knew that I also like him a lot - so I decided not to go.

A few months later, he asked me again. This time I was single, so I decided to go even though it was only 2 weeks after the breakup. After the dinner date, he disappeared without asking my number nor asking me out again.

I contacted him again after a few months, and he asked me out again for the 2nd time, 3rd time, 4th time within the same month. I was thinking this could go somewhere even though we didn't kiss or anything. Then the last time, was when he asked me to his room. He cooked a very nice meal for me (he's a chef), opened a bottle of champagne and we had a good time talking to each other about life and work.

I was really nervous cuz I liked him a lot. This has always been my problem. I know I'm not the same fun person when I'm around him! I told him it would take sometime for me to stop being nervous. He said 'But we'd been working together for almost 2 years!'.

Anyway, that evening I told him I was sleepy that I had to go home cuz I had to work the next day. He said "Are you leaving now? It's only 11", so I stayed a bit longer. Then I told him again that I was sleepy, he said ok then he walked me down and went to see his friends. And after that, he never asked me out again and never initiate the conversation with me anymore. When I said hi to him, he sometimes said "We should watch a movie together", but never really ask me out officially.

However, his birthday just passed and I was being the bravest I could to ask him out. He agreed to go next month. Now I'm excited and don't know what to do! Any suggestions?


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  • First you need to become hot. You need a sexy attitude, you need to be in shape, and you need to look decent. Once you have those things the rest it easy.
    "Accidentally" run into you crush. Maybe at lunch or outside or at a park. If the person walks home or spends time at a skate park, "run" into them there. Say "hi" to them. Hopefully they will say hi to you.
    The next time you see them ask them how they are. Keep it short and to the point. The key is to be very casual. You don't want the person to know that you like them.
    Each time you see them, make the conversation a bit longer. You ask the person about himself/herself or tell a little about yourself.
    Once you are able to have 5 minute conversation with them, then you might ask if the person if they want to hang out with you sometime. If they say yes, hang out with the person in a public place first. Make sure they have an enjoyable time. If they enjoyed it, ask the person if he/she wants to hang out with you again. They will probably say yes. If the person said no to you the first time, don't worry. Say that's okay and you want to go to the mall instead. Don't be bummed or the person will know you like them. Try again about one week later.
    If your crush agreed to hang out with you in a public place and you two had a nice time, and want to hang out with you again, make it an ice cream place or somewhere a little less public. Buy the person something that is under $10. If this is an enjoyable time, and the person wants to hang out with you again, then you pretty much have them hooked. If your crush asks you out, then turn them down and say you are dating someone else, even if you aren't. Now they will want you even more. People often want what they can't have.
    Now you need to find someone to flirt with. Maybe your best friend's boyfriend/girlfriend will agree to fake

    • I don't know about girls, but guys do take bath, clean his body and try to come out with some show off items just to impress girls

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