Guys! I have two crushes and I don't know how to deal with it! I need help "choosing"! Please help?

I'm a girl that has lots of crushes, but usually they never notice me or I never talk to them.
Right now I have two really hard crushes, one is Mike, he has been my crush since High School, now we are in college. He is a really shy guy, he doesn't talk to girls much, just his close girl-friends (like 3 girls). He is kind of cute and seems a good guy.
The other crush is Nate he is out going and really easy to talk to, we met last semester, we had a class together. He is not that cute, but he has charm. He had a gf in high school, they were together for like 2 years, and they broke up, last semestre he had another gf but they broke up during the winter break.

Now the issue is that Mike knows I like him, as well as all his friends. My best friend is having her birthday party next weekend and she invited Mike's bff and asked him to bring Mike. One of Mike's friends told my friend he is dating that "they like each other" talking about Mike and me, so now I have no idea he will show up next Friday . I told my friends that I was thinking of inviting Nate to the party, but if I invite him and Mike is there I think I will blow up my chances with both, or should I go out Saturday night with Nate to a bar he invited me yesterday?


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  • "If you chase two. You will not catch either one. Pick one. But do not try for both. If one or both find out that you are trying for both. It will be a turn off. Especially to your shy friend.. And personally, if this is the chance you get with the guy you have liked for so long. Don't pass it up.. The second guy. Will still be there. And if not you won't be regretting passing up a long term crush. For that not so hot guy. And last. Just because the first one is shy. Does not mean he is boring. There could be a whole other side to him. That you will like. Or not. Usually shy people have a whole lot more going on than any one knows.
    I hoped this helps.

    • I think you are right! I should try with my long term crush, and if that is not working well I'm talk to Nate to see if we could see each other sometime soon!

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  • I refuse to play this weird game with you. Just go masturbate to both and see which makes you cum faster. If it's still a tie which are you most likely to let in your ass. IF that's still a tie which won't kill your children. IF that's still a tie which looks most like your dad. If that's a tie you are trying to fuck your dad and that's weird.

  • I always say go with your gut, which one is your gut telling you to go for, me personally i would go for guy 1, you've known him longer

    But trust your gut

    • I think so too, I mean I liked him since High School. Now I just hope he goes to my friend's party!

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    • I've talked to him by Facebook, I don't have his number, the thing is that I don't want to be like needy or be like "easy to get" because my two of my girlfriends have been with two of his friends in no strings attached relationships, and I don't want him to think I'm like that

    • Then make that clear, ask him out for drinks, and at some point in the night tell him that you care about him and that you don't want NSA

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