Do girls find chubby guys attractive? If so... Why?

I'm well aware there are many threads throughout the web of guys and girls asking if chubby/fat guys are likeable. However I feel the need to ask again and get your opinions on a post of my own.

Im 17 years old, 5'8" 225 ibs, brown hair, blue eyed. I have had girlfriends before, and in my opinion they aren't ugly at all. My first relationship lasted 9 months where my second lasted 2 years and 3 months. My only hookup beside drunk nights at raves was with one girl (we didn't go to far btw) As a side note, I dont think i catch the eye of girls right away, but once they get to know me they find me attractive, which is cool, but also not. So obviously my question isn't exactly if girls like chubby guys, because obviously some will tolerate it. My question is more for how many girls are attracted to guys who are thicker.

I guess im looking for confidence in this post. Even though im talking to a girl right now, she's so pretty I just dont really understand why she likes me.

Sorry there's no exact question for you to answer, because i know there are girls who like chubby guys, and those who dont, and those who dont care about looks at all. But please just write whatever comes to your mind! Dont worry about hurting my feelings, i can handle honesty.


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  • I've never been a bean pole and it's never been an issue for me. Truth is that I'm working on losing another twenty pounds or so, but it's fur health more than vanity.

    Anyway, you seem to have had success with women, and you seem like an attractive fella.

    As for you feeling like you grow in women more so than catching their eye right away, I'd embrace that if I were you. Who wants to be a vapid flash in the lab without offering any real substance?

    This girl you like, if she likes you then she finds you attractive. Trust me, and trust in that. If it helps, think about it this way: would you date a woman that you didn't find attractive? No. And how would you feel if you dated an attractive woman that didn't fancy herself attractive? You'd think she was crazy, right? Flip the script, and that's probably what she'd be thinking about you.

    Good luck!

    • Actually thats how i try to rationalize the whole thing about "well if she likes me she likes me" but its always good to hear the same thing from someone else. Thanks for your input Dodgers!

    • You're welcome!

      And that was supposed to read "flash in the pan." LOL oh well, you got the point!

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  • Nothing wrong with a chubby guy. Theyre like big teddy bears! My ex was on the heavier side and my current bf is a little chubby as well.

  • Is that you in your picture? If so I think you look good and have a nice build! For me it's how much he weighs but how he carries his weight I don't want a beer belly or anything but if he's all around just thicker: arms, legs, butt, wide shoulders, maybe a small tummy or slight "moobs" I'm fine. I prefer a thicker guy to a skinnier guy anytime just not too attracted to fat as in squishy and blubbery.

    • Yes that is me in the profile picture, thank you very much! Thanks for your comment as well (:

  • i like chubby guys. they look good. depends mainly on face for me.

  • Better chubby than skinny..
    Personally.. I'd like someone with nice muscle

  • Dude ur not a big guy at all! You have a nice build, ur manly not thin and frail and not huge


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