Guys : does sleeping over regularly or more often at his place means he's serious?

We are dating for few months and i sleep over at his place 2-3 times a week is that a good sign? Or he just want sex? I was confused and he said if he's not interested or has no feelings he can't even spend 20 mins with a girl he dont like. Since he's spending more than 10 hours inclusive of sleeping with me i must be pretty special? He does hugs and kiss me when im asleep


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  • Usually it mean we are pretty comfortable with you to have you not only stay the night but be there after that for breakfast and even lunch.


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  • He seems to really like you, but I'd suggest that you should take it a bit more easy and not just have sex but maybe slow down a bit and just hang out without it ending in sex.


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  • It would seem in many cases that Actions speak louder than words... in your case it's partially true, sweetie, but a Better more sure sign would be if he would Say with his own lips that you are the One, that you are the One he wants to be exclusive with, be in a relationship with or that you have some sort of future coming, the 'Hugs and kiss me when i'm asleep,' would be sweet words to Sleep on and dream about.
    For now, you are in the dating stage, maybe taking one baby step at as time. So continue nursing and nurturing what you have, but make sure, along the love lines, that 'Just want sex' isn't the only thing you share together In-------More than 10 hours of sleeping with me...
    Good luck. xx