How to grab his attention if I'm not that pretty? Guys ages 16-20 answer this please?

I've already asked a question before regarding my birthmark, which is on my forehead and eyelid, and on the larger side. Im 16 years old- I'm a pretty average girl besides that, and I'm into fashion (I try to look nice and all that), music (the neighbourhood, 5sos, one direction, John Mayer, among others), and I thought I was pretty confident (faking it, because I'm really self conscious about my birthmark). Anyway, prom is coming up, and I really want a date. As stated before, I thought I gave an aura that said I was confident & didn't care, however yesterday, one of my best friends told me that I gave off this aura where people can tell I'm not happy with myself, and that I'm actually self conscious. I was confused because together, we are usually the loudest in class. We always crack jokes and stuff. Anyway, she said my "aura" is pushing guys away- definitely NOT what I want, especially with prom coming up. Pretty much all my friends have dates except for me and another girl, and it sucks. It's true that I'm truly not confident with my looks, however I thought I was really faking it like I was. I'll admit that when I'm around any guy I think is cute, I get all stupid. For example, if some guy is joking around with me or being nice, I'll either tell him to piss off or I'll pretend like I'm totally not interested. I have a reason to do this, though- a few years ago a guy I REALLY liked asked me out as a joke, and I've never truly trusted guys since. basically what I'm asking is, how can I get a guy to ask me to prom? I have a birthmark on my face, so I doubt any guy would ever want me, but a girl has to dream, right? I'd prefer if upperclassmen high school guys answered this, or guys that are just a bit older, because I want to get some insight about what guys around my age would think about a girl like me as a prom date (and possibly more, too).
What can I do to attract more guys, even with my situation? I'm open to any ideas except dressing/acting like a slut
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I'd really appreciate as many answers as possible :) thanks!
How to grab his attention if I'm not that pretty? Guys ages 16-20 answer this please?
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