GUYS HELP! Is HE attracted to my personality or to my looks?

Hello people
Let's start from the fact that I don't consider myself as very attractive. I am 20, long curly brown hair, olive skin, blue eyes. I'm fine with mostly with all of my physical features apart from my nose ( I got a littl bump on it and I am always afraid that is the reason why guys don't consider me attractive).
I am pretty much a confident and extrovert girl, but in terms of guys I always ask myself "oh that guy is cute/hot, and maybe there could be something between us, but he is definitely grossed out by my nose shape) . I know a nose doesn't make it all, personality is the important shit, but sometimes I wonder: do guys really care about that? Or do they say it just to make girls feel better?
So there's this guy I find very attractive, he's ha bit of a fuckboy and there's no doubt other girls find him hot too. I know him since last year and even if nothing really happened between us yet I can feel the sexual chemistry/ tension between us everytime we see or speak to each other.
Last year he was very flirty with me and he would always compliment my curly hair. A couple of my friends confessed to me thatthe once told them he thought iIwas HOT, very attractive. My only problem is just I COULDN'T SEE IT. WHY WOULD HE LIKE ME? HE IS SO HOT BUT I AM NOT.
One day I showed my friends a picture of me with my hair straightened and he came over and said to me "nice lips" while indicating the picture. Once I caught him checking out my ass. We're pretty good friends; every time he sees me he smiles and finds a way to come and speak to me. He is always the one that initiates hugs and he sometimes makes contact with me by touching my back or my shoulder. He is super nice to me and I really do not know what to do , cause when i talk about him to my friends they are like "No he is a fuckboy don't go for him".
If he was attracted to my looks this much, he could have just asked me out , but he didn't in a whole year why? I bet he can sense our chemistry as well
GUYS HELP! Is HE attracted to my personality or to my looks?
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