Why do some Asian guys want to shame Asian girls for being happy or dating white guys? Why do some Asian guys want to make Asian girls feel bad?

Why do some Asian guys want to make Asian girls feel bad using excuses for their jealousy and hate?


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  • It's how they deal with their insecurities... A poor method, to say the least.

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      Some Asian guys are insecure and racist while in the same time they want white girls too but they want to manipulate Asian girls to feel bad because of their own insecurities, racism and they feel entitled for girls who aren't their girlfriends, nothing, it's just the most pure racism and insecurities who they try to disguise with excuses. The girls are always happy until the Asian guys want to make they feel bad because of the own Asian guys being frustrated, jealous and racist. Support this kind of behavior is wrong. Don't try to be cynical and deny. It's easy see Asian guys like this, and it's worse when they are supported even having this wrong behavior.


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  • It's just a generalization, I couldn't give a ~ cause I play around interracially as well.

    In my opinion, it would be quite pathetic. If you have competition, you improve yourself not make other people look bad. Not all Asian guys are like this. I am proof.

  • Why does anyone of any race do this? Personal insecurity and general racism. "Thou shalt not pollute the bloodline" and all that jazz. I wouldn't put much stock in such opinions.

  • Probably staged video.

  • because those guys are bitches

    • I watched the video though, what the fuck, no subtitles or anything. had no idea what was going on

  • They feel insecure. Obviously.


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  • one simple word: jealousy or better, envy

    White guys get Asian girls w/o hardly trying.

    Plus, white guys have real penises and Asian girls want good sex they can't get from Asian guys.

  • Because the two guys (one holding the camera) in your video are David Bond and his friend Alex.

    They're infamous in Asia because of this video:

    Everyone overreacted, they made the local news in Taiwan, Korea, etc, and then did this interview to clear things up.

    And then they made a parody of it: Chinese guy steals girlfriend from David Bond

    Then he makes a rant: Asian Girls DON'T Like White Guys

    Nevertheless, people hate his guts.

    • (Btw, no clue who the 3rd white guy is)

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    • LOL. Read my opinion/question history. You actually think I'm a guy who has accumulated to 4 Xper parading around like a girl?

      I listed those videos because I was saying it like it is. But do you want to know what I think about David Bond and Alex? I think they're objectify and treat Asian women like crap, and then make excuses for it. Watch the first video. Asian or not, that's kind of a dick move.

      Seriously, why are you putting words in my mouth? Of the Asian guys who shame Asian girls, I AGREE WITH YOU. But there aren't that many. It might seem like there are, but if you specifically go searching for "Asian guys hate Asian girls who date white guys"... you'll find those types of people. In the real world, most wouldn't care.

      For the 3rd...4th time, it's DAVID BOND AND ALEX. Those Asian guys in your first video are more pissed off by the fact that they're talking to DAVID BOND AND ALEX, NOT because the girls are talking to any white guy.

    • Give me ONE QUOTE where I defended "racism, jealousy, insecurity, and hate of Asian guys" without making assumptions.

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