I got sister zoned. What should I do?

So there's this guy I've liked for a couple of months. I don't think he knows I like him but part of our team has noticed. So the other day, he accidentally called me a b*tch. The message was intended for someone else and he said "im so sorry. I love you". I answered with "okaaaaay?" And he replied "sibling love. Like my sis" did I just get sister zoned. What should I do about it?


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  • aha god sister zoned that's a new one, trust me 'sister zone' is a lot easier to get out of than when a girl basically friends zone a guy because they're not interested. Unless the guy doesn't find you attractive one bit he might simply just not know you're attracted to him.

    I think the best solution in this case is if he's actually single and not dating anybody is opening up to him and let him know, you're under 18 so trying to explain to a teenager guy that you like him with clues and special wording isn't normally going to work, you need to be blunt and honest. Normally and the likely case is he just doesn't know you like him and so he's keeping you around as a 'sister type' kinda girl until he can actually figure that out. So if you open up and just even just ask him if he wants to go on a date together simple as that. If he's not attracted to you than he values your friendship and he won't go around being a dick about it or anything or ruin your friendship so you might as well ask.


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  • The message i love u could mean sibling love, tho it could also mean that he likes u. when he said i love you, and u replied with "okaaaaay?" he was probably shocked and was like"this girl thinks im crazy, better let her know its not what she was thinking". ima have to go with sibling love more tho.

  • Dress like a slut, tell him to sit down n close his eyes. Then say ''Can your sister do this'' pull out that chode
    then suck that dick.

    • would make quite the impact, not too mention... He said the sister thing likely because of your bad response.


  • Ooh... That's gotta hurt. Been there, done that. You won't be more than friends with him; that's for sure. Time to direct your romantic feelings elsewhere.


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