What if he doesn't like me in person?

So there is this guy that I met over, of course, Instagram. he goes to my rival school and one of his best friends is one of my best friends boyfriend. make sense? anyway, we have been texting for about a month straight. no breaks, no stops, no days skipped. we have flirted but mostly have held really solid and great conversations. he makes me laugh and I know I make him laugh, we have a great time haha. my friend is coming over next Saturday and we have invited her boyfriend and the guy I have been texting. I am super nervous because what if he doesn't like me in person? I feel like I'm uglier than in pictures but, I have sent him videos and stuff. but I'm just super nervous to meet him in person. HELP!


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  • I'm sure u will be fine just give him a hug and introduced yourself and stay calm


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