Thin vs curvy girls?

So when we talk about "Skinny" girls and "bigger" girls, what do you prefer?
I mean, when you're walking about in real life, which body type out of these is more likely to catch your eye?
For straight girls, which body type are you closer to?
By thin, I don't mean someone who's just bones, I mean someone who is muscular as well, like -

And by curvy, I mean when the body has a certain amount of softness and isn't exactly super toned (even though it isn't necessarily as ideal as it is shown in this photo) I mean your typically curvy girl, perhaps not as well proportioned as this model -

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I know it isn't the RIGHT definition, it's the definition that's used more commonly, which is why "bigger" was in inverted commas, and why I used a description to describe how curvy girls are actually seen.


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  • How about all girls regardless of whether they're thin or curvy?
    Between your two pictures, I'd say the "curvy" woman looks healthier and more appealing to the eye but for myself, I prefer being slim (especially in the thighs).

  • How about we all live happily ever after, and not give a fuck about body size in 2015?

  • How about not comparing two completely different body types? Especially since your body type is determined by the structure of your body which can make it close to impossible for a person with one body type to obtain another.

  • My measurements are 38 29 39. I think I would be considered curvy at 5'9" 140 pounds, sized American 8. Definitely not skinny but not heavy, either. Very average, I think.

  • I just have to say the the first picture is proof that even supermodels sometimes look bad in pictures

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