She suddenly cut me off from her life! I thought we had something special?

I met a girl through mutual friends, she came to visit my city for a few weeks. Whilst there I got to know her and I developed feelings for her. I became infactuated with her, she is the girl of my dreams. She returned to her city after a few weeks and we had been communicating online for the last year. I thought things were going great, so great that I decided to take a holiday and see her. We met up and hung out together and everything was really good. We even flirted a little and I began making plans to possibly move to her city to be with her. Two weeks after I came home, she completely cut me out of her life. Blocked my facebook and has not replied to any of my text messages. It absolutley broke my heart. I don't know what I did or what happened to make her do this.

How can someone go from messaging you 2-4 times a week, having told you they had a great time hanging out to completely ignoring you, cutting the cord, and discarding you pretty much overnight.

I'm not into the whole "sour grapes" thing where I completely run her down. The fact remains she is a sweet, kind, caring person. Thats why I'm so confused as to what could trigger someone to suddenly stop ALL communication with someone overnight like that? I don't think I did anything wrong.

I feel depressed, devastated and have even contemplated suicide. This is slowly destroying me. All I ever do is think about her. I haven't really got any friends to go to hang with at the moment with and finding another girl to try and replace her with isn't happening.

I want her back in my life :-(


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  • Well, she probably wasn't as committed to the whole thing as you were. It's possible that you put her off with being so dramatic. You hardly know her and were prepared to move to be with her. That's not infatuation, bro, that's obsession.

    And I hate to tell you this, but 2-4 messages per week is not that many.

    • I never told her I was going to move there, I was considering it after I got back from seeing her. Well, 2-4 messages a week back and forward is more than some girlfriends I've had in the past.

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    • I can't move on because I've never had feelings for a girl like her before. She's my dream girl.

    • I hope you enjoy being lonely and brokenhearted because she's not coming back. Ciao.

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  • She just thought you were friends, you thought there was something more than there was

  • either she found a guy in her city, found out something about you that was bad, or she got scared.

    • To be honest I don't think she would have found out anything about me, I don't have anything bad about me. Even if she did find a new guy, why cut me out? It makes no sense.

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    • I don't know what to do with myself. I've even contemplated suicide.

    • Maybe seek counseling

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