Girls, is a young guy being bald an automatic dealbreaker for attraction and dating for young women?

I'm a guy who has a condition that acts like a weak form of alopecia and is confined to the scalp, however there is no treatment and my only option is to shave it all the way bald, it's just skin like pitbull etc. Now I'm only 19 and worry what girls my age will think of it, I'm not some looks don't matter person, they do, I have higher standards myself but I only want one in the end I'm not some player, so if you couldn't see yourself with a bald guy this young be honest and don't say yes to make me feel better. Anyway I'm told I pull it off well even to the point where girls I know tell me I pull it off so well they couldn't imagine me with hair and that I was a stud without (unfortunately these girls were already taken) I know hair isn't everything but I've just read and heard so many girls saying bald is 'ew, eck,' etc and they often say it's a dealbreaker for attraction and dating. And I've read so many stories of young bald guys who say women all flocked away afterwards and any girl under 30 who is attractive will not date you etc it just really has hit my confidence. So young women is having no hair at a young age a dealbreaker? Can a bald young guy still be overall attractive? Please be honest and resist feel good answers.

  • What you read is true, bald is generally a turn off and a dealbreaker, I couldn't date a bald guy this young
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  • While I'm not going to hate it, I couldn't get past it this young, I'd hold out for a guy with hair at this age
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  • Bald isn't a favorite style for me, but I can find a young guy with no hair otherwise attractive easily, hair doesn't make or break a guys attractiveness, I would date a bald guy
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  • It's honestly no problem a bald head can be attractive this young
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  • Most girls actually care about a loving personality, for me looks don't matter at all! As long as you have a really nice personality and are funny I'd love it!

    I wish you the best x

    • While I appreciate people like you are out there it's something I want to know if having no hair automatically makes a guy look bad or he can't look good etc

    • It doesn't automaically make you look bad, no way!

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  • I'm a big fan of hair, like really good hair is great for me, and my current boyfriend has hair down below his shoulderblades, so obviously it'd be a big difference. Dating a bald guy wouldn't be my preference, but if he's really nice and treats me well, then I'd at least give it a try, especially if it was because of something like alopecia rather than choice.

  • I have dated a dude who went prematurely bald. I broke up with him for reasons unrelated to his lack of hair.

    • Out of curiosity did he begin balding after you got together or was it before? I've heard several stories of 'if I was with a guy and he lost hair it's fine, but intitially no I wouldn't go for a bald guy' type deals and am curious if initially there can be that attraction

    • He was bald when I met him. We dated less than three months (due to his general assholery).

    • Alright cool (not him being an ass sorry about that) but thanks for your help, glad to know for some women it's not an issue

  • I don't generally go for bald, but it varies. I have met some realllly hot bald guys who changed my mind on that. I think it's more about how you carry yourself and having self confidence to be who you are without apology. Now that makes any man or woman look really attractive.

    • I realise its not likely a preference but wanted to know if it was something where even if he's otherwise attractive, it's a dealbreaker given he doesn't have hair and at this age an attractive girl could have any guy with hair, why would she choose the balding/bakd guy?

    • -why would she choose the balding/bald guy you know it just seems such an issue this young

    • Why not choose him? I mean it's just hair. It's not going to change my opinion about anyone's personality. Being a good guy comes through.

  • I know is kinda late hahaha but I've been searching to this type of questions specifically coz I would like to share my story: I've always been attracted to guys with long hair, as in long long haha but... I don't know when u get to know someone, hair doesn't really matter you know? I met this guy a few months ago, at first I was not attracted at all, but then I started to know him better and now I like him so badly!!! And is because I got to know him, he is bald. Woth this experience I learned that if a guy has a good personality, that projects into the outside, this guy I told u about is now physically attractive to me too... The important thing u need to know is that a person that really appreciates u won't care about ur hair, and if she does, she's not worth your time.

    • Could I ask if it was his baldness that made him unattractive to you to begin with? Or just his looks in general didn't float your boat. And yes personality matters but are you just saying a bald guy can't really hope to pick up a girl at a party he doesn't know or get a phone number from a stranger like a guy with hair at this age? Be honest please

    • Nah not really... It was all his appearance haha cuz I normally like the hippie kind of look and he wasn't like that xD but I've seen many bald guys that are very attractive If u wanna approach to a girl u dont need the hair, u need the attitude 👌 the attitude can make anyone look more attractive... Be a gentleman ;) is hard to find guys like that nowadays

  • Maybe it's an unpopular opinion, but to me it depends on his skin tone. In pale guys with no facial hair, hairless head (just skin, no roots) looks weird AF. But I have no problems with it if it's a black guy, especially dark skinned. It's not a complete deal breaker though

    • Well I am white and like I said my skin doesn't tan for crap the same doc who told me the hair issue told me about my skin and why it's not possible for it to tan like most. So we look weird as F huh, honestly what do you expect a young white guy who experiences hairloss to do then? I think we can agree shavef looks better than any bakd or thinning whether it be from baldibg or a condition etc. We don't exackry have options

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    • Wig?

    • Once again if you were with a guy and you liked him but turns out he wore a wig at this age you'd most likely leave him am I correct? The people who dislike bald will dislike it whether or not you cover it or hide it, and hiding it would be worse because then say you find someone reveal you don't have hair and they can't get past it and leave,

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