How to date a guy from Kosovo (Albania)?

This guy is very polite and sweet. He is clearly interested in me by the way he looks at me, but he doesn't tell me anything in person. Instead, he is trying to get my mom to invite him over for a party/dinner/ family reunion. It is driving me nuts. Why can't he talk to me in person and tell me let's go to the movies or something like that. How do people in that country date? What can I do?


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  • Talk to him...

    ... and tell him that Kosovo was, is, and will always be Serbian.

  • The process of courtship in Albania is not that different from the process of courting in other European countries.

    • Given the difference in gender roles & the fact that most women in some parts of Albania are not seen in public places as much as the boys are. What are the "acceptable" ways for dating?

    • There is no difference in gender roles from what I have seen. I have been to Tirana -the capital of Albania- and there was equality in males and females.

    • As for the villages, I don't know how they behave there. People in villages always seem to be stuck in another era.