Define "The way he looks at you"

My aunt and I were talking about this guy. Now, this guy has made it obvious that he likes me (Meaning he told me (among other things)) And I had told my aunt that. Her reply was "I know, everyone can tell by the way he looks at you." What does this mean? When I said that he had made it obvious, I did not mean that bit, because I've never noticed the way he looks at me being any different than the way he looks at anyone else. Can someone define that "look"?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say: I've never been with anyone. Ever. I just don't feel those emotions. That's why when someone likes me I get so fascinated at how one can feel such strong emotions.. I'm just really curious and ignorant, and for that, I apologize.


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  • he will look you in the eyes, usually people get subconscious messages, he'll look at you like he adores you and like you're the only girl in the world. its kind of like a spark, a spark of interest. think. do you look at guys you're interested in a different way then those you're not?

    • Well, I've never noticed that look.. Other people have though. Is there something wrong with me (lol)

      And I'm not interested in people.. I don't know why, I just haven't felt those emotions yet.

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  • "The look" is definitely one of those things that you'll start to notice more once you know what to watch for. When a guy looks at a girl he's attracted to, it will be different from a typical glance for a few reasons. It will be longer and move attentive, as if he's staring. He may check you out and scan you from head to toe. His eyes will light up as if he's just heard something that would make him really happy. His look will be to lock eyes with you, and when he does it should feel like he sees through you, into your soul. Much deeper than a regular glance to a normal person.

    • Wow, good description, I'll look for that.

      But when you say "attracted to", do you mean other than looks? Because there are lots of attractive people out there, ya know?

    • Brillant description.

      When he says 'attracted to' he means by both looks & personality. A player wouldn't give a girl this type of look because it's meaningful.

    • is it?theres one guy who look at me like that...he look at me like everything around us disappear or look me straight in the eye for more than 10 our heart are talking to each other..i admit it take my breath away...and that was the first time I fell for a guy ...but that guy never confess his feeling towards me until today...but I think he likes me..i really don't have any idea..can you help he really like me or just flirting around...

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  • it's a look of adoration. That adoringly sweet look guys get on their faces when they are with someone they love or have strong feelings for and it's very sweet when a guy gets that look. Everyone in the room notices it because that's not a normal way for men to look unless they're smitten lol

  • my mum says this about my man, he looks at me in a loving/besotted way... <3


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