Girls, what arms & abs look attractive to you?

I see a lot of posts on here about how girls can be attracted to a guys arms and abs.. So my question is what is the general definition of attractive arms and abs? (mainly arms) Girls, post pics of what you think.

Now I have a pretty good idea with toned abs, but does every girl like a 6pack? or is just normal toned abs good? (some guys seem to overdo it)

Same with arms, what defines a good looking arm? ripped? or very toned?, long? veiny? just beefy and "strong looking"?

Do girls feel the same way about a guys legs (if they're strong looking), or their face?

give example pics
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  • I'm not sure to describe it, but for sure not every girl likes a six pack. I think the most attractive guys have toned abs but they are not a really that obvious link link On the other hand, I would say nice pecs are probably the most attractive part on a man's body.

    Same with arms. I never thought bout lenght actually but just strong looking would be great. Don't overdo it. link link link

    I never payed any attention to the legs, but a the butt can be very attractive.

  • Abs on a guys body is the best feature he can have and a six pack. Arms and legs I don't relly look at but definitely abs and six pack.

  • I personally don't even like a sixpack on guys

    What I do like is broad shoulders, strong pecs and big arms. Muscle though, not fat.
    And I really like strong legs. Calf must be clearly visible and quads too.

    But no, sixpacks don't do anything for me


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