How do you define a douche bag?

I feel like men and women have two slightly differing ideas on a douche bag type guy.

What Men think a douche bag is:

* That guy who has good style, puts a bit more effort into his look

* He's got " game " easy with the ladies

* Primary focus is " hit it then quit it"

* Arrogant or over confident

* Thinks that he is somehow better then every other guy in the room ( you get that idea from his demeanor)

*Rude, mean, - makes men wonder wtf is remotely attractive about this guy to any girl who dates him

Women Seem to Think:

* Guy who is primarily focused on sex " hit it then quit it"

* Guy who swings through multiple women

*Doesn't respect her ( but people have variations of respect here...)

What confuses me is that there are a lot of quality guys who also:

* Dress stylishly

* May seem over - confident

* Easy " has game " with the women

* Just looking for casual sex with a casual female

*How mean / rude a guy can be could be subjective to his encounters with female. But decent guys I'm sure are less likely to be rude in that a**hole way lol

So how do you exactly define a douche bag? I feel like men call other men douche bags like how women call other women sluts so easily. Mislabeling people based off of limited information, stereotypes, or BS assumptions because they don't know any better.

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Oh and men are more comptetitve so maybe that's why guys call other men douche bags so fast to make themselves feel and seem like the better female choice over the other presumed " douche bag " guy?
How do you define a douche bag?
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