What does it mean when a girl say's speak soon at the end of a message on a dating site is it a good sign?

here's the message in fact each response from her was in paragraphs like this and the last was in response to me asking her to add me on facebook -

Ahh im glad it's all going so well for you ! Ahh I absolutely love it, I never used to enjoy walking or anything like that but now I can't get enough, especially on days like today! erm it's a village but I was right between 2 mountains and surrounded by fields so was nice! Yes was very painful. Yeah definitely ! I have applied for 3 colleges, see what the outcome is! Okay I will add you when I go on there speak soon x


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  • With being as wise as Ian owl that I am, @BluePlanet1992, I would say if she didn't give a hoot about You, she would not have gone to all the trouble in Detailing her semi long message Nor... Put an 'X' in the spot that Marked the Perfect ending to a perfect story.
    Good luck. xx

    • so you thinks she is intrested then or more than likely?

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    • thanks for all your help

    • lol... Oh, so welcome...:)) xxoo

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  • Well if it's a dating site that pretty much all girls would do the same thing. From what I can suggest man, find somebody around you or who you personally meet. You never know they might just be a man sitting behind the screen.
    Best of luck though!

    • nah she's not i found her on facebook and did a background check to make sure i wasn't being fooled

    • that's why i am also trying to take the conversation onto facebook to make sure she is real which i'm 98% sure

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  • I think it just means talk to you later.

  • It's a good sign.


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  • so she's waitin for some message from u probably

    • cool it's a different girl then the one i talked about for 2 months, she seems a lot more intrested i would say

    • so u were done wid this other gal u hd a thing?

    • nah she said she doesn't want to be in a relationship with anyone but still wants to be friends she said i ain't done nothing wrong it's just her, anyway i am leaving it for about two weeks before i message the 1st one again as absence makes the heart grow fonder and i think eventually she may change her mind. But i have found another girl who seems a lot more interested and their is interest from me as well. Do you think i am doing the right thing with the 1st girl?

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