Should I visit him at work?

So I met this guy a couple weeks ago we talked on the phone and everything and last weekend went on a date we ended up spending the whole weekend together without sex but he lost his phone while we were out. We made plans to hang out on Thursday but nothing was confirmed but now I have no way of getting a hold of him. I know where he works and was thinking of dropping by there to say hi but he does work the evening shift so I dont know if it would come off creepy on my part he has dropped my work place once uninvited so I'm not sure if its a good idea or not! Thanks in advance


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  • You never know, unless you do it.
    I think he'd be happily surprised. Just be honest, he lost his phone- this was your only route of contact.

    • Should I go earlier into his shift or around the time he would get off which is like 2am he works downtown which is still very lively at that time as well as it being a holiday here

    • I think he'd be happy to see you either time. I think it's best to see him at the beginning; unless you've already had a night out with your pals and then go to see him after, at 2am.

  • If he already has done it to you, he must not think it's creepy. Go for it!