Does my boyfriend spoil me too much?

My boyfriend is the sweetest, he always wants to get me anything i want and i like that but i tell him im NOT just with him so he can get me things. Sometimes i wanna pay for my own things and he doesn't let me. He says its his job to pay, what should i do?


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  • Don't complain the guys acting like a gentleman and that is good thing go buy him some cards just telling him how much you love him that should be sufficient that guy loves you girl and he is one of the rarest men out there..


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  • Sounds like he may be spoiling you too much. This can have a negative ripple effect in various ways. One of them being if you ever piss him off, he may inadvertently accuse you of using or manipulating him and taking advantage of his generosity. Two, despite how much money makes, your presence in his life as a girlfriend and not a wife is the source of numerous withdrawals from his income. If you really care about his wellbeing and him having a solid savings account, then you won't allow him to do something like that to himself even if it is with good intent and his heart is in the right place. Lastly, it's just not a very good dynamic to have in a relationship unless you are spoiling him right back. That's really the only exception otherwise his habit is likely to make things unhealthy. I speak from experience. :/

    • thank you !

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    • Haha yeah it is fun but i don't want it to ruin our relationship 😣 plus we are thinking about our future together and i think it would be smart to start saving money.

    • @Asker Yeeeahhh :/ Think of it this way... would you rather have 50 random "spoil-spurs" in a year or one amazing getaway to a foreign country for the summer? :) Would you rather be spoiled with things that you can earn yourself or him have that money to fall back on in the even that he loses his job?

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  • Congrats he's a whipping boy


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  • Let him pay

    • Lol, are you a broke bitch?

    • There's nothing wrong with being broke, but damn show some consideration for someone besides yourself. Just sayin.

    • He's willing to pay and insisting on it? What is the problem?

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