My girlfriend thinks she's not important to me. Help?

I'm sorry, but I'm using her account information since she never gets on, but I'm a guy if that makes a difference in responding. Today, I visited my girlfriend in the hospital. I didn't know she was in the hospital until the 4th day after she was admitted. I've been busy with my child. I had a child with my ex that was just born a few months ago. I make a point in seeing her everyday and making sure she knows who her daddy is. My girlfriend prides me for being a good dad, but I know she wishes she saw me more. I wish I was able to give her more time. She's really close to my mom and she actually called my mom the night she was admiited. My mom asked why she didn't call me and my girlfriend flat out told my mom not to call me. According to my mom, she said she didn't want to bother me and that she didn't want to interfere with "bonding" time with my child. She also said she didn't want to worry me with her problems and make me feel like I had to take care of her when I have my own daughter to take care of (verbatin from my mom).

There is something really wrong and I don't really know how to fix it. I don't want her to feel like she's not important or that I don't need her.



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  • Tell her. You have to communicate that to her. Ask her why she thinks you don't care. You have to communicate with her, she is the one your having problems with and she is the one who can help you fix it. Talk to her and see what happens, let her know that you can care about your child and her at the same time.


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  • Did you cheat on your girlfriend and get another woman pregnant?
    I just find the timeframe extremely close.
    I mean , you have a girlfriend and a baby that was just born.
    Clarify this for me please.

    Your girlfriend doesn't know where she fits into this picture,
    you now have a added addition.
    You have to balance time between your baby and with her.
    If she is up to it, try to include her so you both can feel like a family.
    Tell her how much you love and miss her when you aren't around.
    Go by the hospital and bring her balloons or a card.
    There's only so much you can do to show you love her and that she is important.
    It's up to her whether or not she remains defeated by her complicated emotions.

    • No, I did not cheat on her. My ex and I split nearly a year ago and months before I met my current girlfriend. My ex randomly called and said I had a baby. I disappeared on her about a couple months ago when my baby was born and I know that lessened her trust in me. I'm working to get it back but, it's a slow process.

    • Makes sense. Ok.
      I hope my advice helps

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