Why is he ignoring me?

So me and this guy and have been talking for about two months and things aren't official. He's been saying he isn't ready for a relationship because he has a newborn kid. However he tells me he has feelings for me and really cares about me. Sometimes I get too clingy, and I blow up his phone and he ignores me. :(

should i I end it with him or are all guys like this?


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  • no not all guys are like this, It seems if he has a new born he might still be with someone. It is bad when a guy ignore a girl he chats to. I would suggest treading carefully and seeing what he does, if he continues to ignore you. then i would suggest moving on sorry. hope that helps :)

    • He's not with his ex anymore, he's made that perfectly clear to me. :/

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    • What should I do? Not text him?

    • i would wait for him to text you first

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  • All guys are like this. Girls too, we want what we can't have. If a guys blowing up my phone? Im going to ignore him too!! But i get clingy with my boyfriend of two years and he still ignores me when im upset and i blow up his phone. Its just how people are, you want to be chased, not chasing. Everyone dles. And you're going in freak out mode like WHY isn't HE CHASING ME? AHH but in reality you can think that and scream in your pillow but you have to give him the opportunity to chase you. Approach things calmy, and theyll answer your ONE calm text about an issue. Not your 20 annoying texts theyll just ignore and not want to put up with. Let him wonder and want to blow up YOUR phone. Hopefully the communication evens out to a good level eventually, you just need to calm down. Dont lose this guy over dumb mistake texts and calls.


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  • Well, he just had a kid and told you he's not ready for a relationship, yet you blow up his phone.. smh
    All you're doing is pushing him away.
    by the way, why do you want him so bad? He just knocked up some girl and left her with a baby.. is that what you want for you?

  • You're being too clingy, so why are you making it sound like he's the one doing something wrong.

    • I just don't want to lose him.

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