How do you find the strength to walk away from someone you love?

I think its time for me to walk away from the man i love. I am not capable though. I have tried and i am apparently not very good at it. For those of you who have walked away from someone you loved... why did you do it and how did you find the strength to do so?


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  • You find opportunities to distract your mind.


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  • Why fo think that you are less than him or not better for him and in what way?

    • I dont think i am less or not better but i keep getting hurt. He isn't my boyfriend, he's my bestfriend that i would love to have a relationship with but i dont think thats how he sees me. I think i am getting used. I need to walk away and i can't.

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    • Im trying to and the issue is that i keep running back.

    • Well then you will hurting yourself!!!

  • How long have you two been seeing each other? Sometimes it depends on the length of time you've known a person and if you have things left to say to that person. For me me and my ex were dating 2 years and it took me about 6 months to finally completely walk away, what I found helpful was writing out how I felt and letting her know how I felt, that made it easier cause it was all out there and i got and gave the closure that was necessary to move on.


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