Is it better to call a girl out of the blue and ask her "out" or just text her?

We are both 18. Although I am shy and awkward I wouldn't mind calling her, but I mean its 2015. Plus the last time I text her was 3 weeks ago and we aren't necessarily that close, I would say a little more than acquintances but not really "friends". I plan to just casually ask her if she wants to go to a mall with me.

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  • Is this supposed to be a date or just hanging out as friends. I would not think a guy liked me if he just texted me to ask if I wanted to go to the mall with him.


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  • How old are you, again?


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  • Im nearly in the same boat (you should check out my question and help me out)
    You should text her though, as it may seem weird that you would call her out of the blue, if you aren't that close. It'd be less awkward to just casually ask her through text.

  • call her and talk is by far the best and most intimate approach. Texting is too impersonal so a phone call would be my choice and you get to judge her mood from her tone