What are signs that a shy guy likes you?

There is this guy, who is very shy with girls. I am staring to think that I like him... And I'm kind of going insane trying to figure out weather I like him or not (that was kinda irrelevant lol) but what are some signs that would show me weather or not he likes me?


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  • As a shy guy myself, let me try to give some tips about when a shy guy likes a girl or if he is uninterested...
    1.) Shy guys will stare at the girl they like but will try and hide it. The problem with shy guys is that they are great at pokerfacing. They won't ever really deny having a crush on someone (unlike an uninterested guy) but they will not make it apparent. So if you ask a guy if he is interested or is crushing on so and so, he will probably just blush and be silent instead of dismissing the idea.

    2.) Around you, if he is interested and you are alone, he will probably try to force conversation to happen. Big groups are daunting to shy guys, but if you two are alone, it gives him more confidence to speak.

    3.) If you say something that shocks a pretty shy guy, he will blush-- at least for me anyhow haha. He will also probably volunteer to be with you when he can. Like if you need a ride home he will try and volunteer, especially if their aren't any groups around.

    4.) His personality really opens up with texting. If you text him and he suddenly becomes funny, energetic, whatever, that is a prettt good sign. Granted, not all guys are texters though, so don't count it as a bad sign if he doesn't text.

    5.) He'll be interested in what you do, and will try and find common ground. A shy guy also tends to be a great observer, and will remember things his crush has said before. He may even reference them. Ex.) crush says she likes the show Arrow. Suddenly shy guy starts watching Arrow, and now they have a conversation to talk about.
    Uninterested guys will just treat you like every other person. Shy guys will treat you differently. They'll remember what you like often times, try to talk to you (but often fail), and will even smile around their crush naturally because they can't hide their feelings well.

    However, a shy guy often takes FOREVER to confess to their crush. So if you see a shy guy, go ahead and talk to them! Take the intitiative to break him out of his shell.

    • What would they do over social media? Like would he like some of my pictures but not all of them so it doesn't look like he likes me... Or how does that work?

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    • If he liked other girls photos before, didn't like yours before, but suddenly started liking yours, that is a possible sign he is interested. However, it isn't as strong as a sign. I wouldn't take it as definite proof that he is crushing on you.

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  • If shy guy likes you he will try not try to talk to you not try to look at you mostly when u look at him hard huh but if he likes maybe he will get jealous when u around a guy very close a guy which he should think as could get a chance to have u... he will get mad inside his... mind. Or u can try once talking to him.. he will try to talk in way that helps u or in good way if he likes u.


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  • Shy guys can be cute, but fragile. Talk to him some, and try to learn something you both have in common. When you think you're ready, ask him if he'd like to hang out sometime. Be sure you use the term HANG OUT so that its less intimidating for him.

    As for if he likes you, if he's willing to hang out with you, or even just talk, that means he's at least willing to start a friendship. He likes you as a potential friend, which is always good. After you both are friends, then the romance might come on its own.


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