He flaked on me twice.. He made the plans just not to even show up.. Why? I asked him if he doesn't like me just say it then? We were dating btw?

When I asked him if you don't like me just say it he tells me baby no I do like you I do care...
Then after he flakes he blows up my phone and asks me what I'm doing


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  • did he even call or text to cancel? or did he just not show?

    • He just doesn't show then blows up my phone like nothing happened.. Then keeps saying baby I do care

    • thats messed up, makes absolutely no sense.

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  • Guys won't admit it. I dont know want his problem is but apparently his not man enough to admit his disinterest. If he really liked you he would give you a solid reason why he couldnt make it Second time and then he would have make it up big time. Just an A-hold so move on. U deserve to be treated well :)


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  • He'd just playing games. If he really did care he wouldn't flake out last minute. Drop him and move on.


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