When boyfriend says "I really like you"?

My boyfriend of three months has started saying "I really like you" "I like you a lot" and "I really, really like you". He said he usually falls in love around 5/6 months so it's not been quite long enough, but a lot of my guy friends have told me that a guy is falling in love if he starts saying he really likes you. I just wanted to get a a general opinion and see if that's true. He's 25 and I'm 21 by the way
To clarify, he wasn't saying it always takes that long, but he was saying that with the two girls he was in love with previously, it took around 5 - 6 months for him to fall in love


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  • there's no time limit, on falling in love, he's full of crap


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  • It means he really likes you… I think you're overthinking it a bit


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  • That's kinda childess


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