Should guys 5'5" and under use legal high end escorts instead of suffering 100 rejections?

(Getting rejected a 100 times within 1 year for being short vs using legal escorts.)

This is coming from after seeing tons and TONS of women around the world passively bad mouth men's height. This is what I've got from my research.

1. Black women: Literally 99% of them hate short men. Notice how all the black dramas have super tall 6'2 guys with muscles and are ultra rich. Black women either like very VERY high status guys or badboys. Geeky black men need not bother with black women.
2. White women" 70% of them won't date short men. 20% of them will give you a chance if you have money and status. 10% with low self esteem will give a short guy a chance.
3. Asian women: Korean women hate hate HATE! short guys. Chinese women are the same. Japanese women will give you a chance if you got money but won't give you sex.
4. Mexican women: Short guy has to be very masculine and/or own something that gives them high status.
5. Russian women: If you aren't tall and white DON'T TALK to russian women. Russian women can be ice cold towards short men.
6. Indian women: Short man must be indian and have status. Most like tall guys.
7. 3rd world women: Will go for the male with most resources and power. Height isn't that important.

It seems like when women are more secure, safe, have resources, and in the 1st world they'll go for a male that's 5'10 - 6'2". Poor 3rd world women search for resources and protection which means even short men can have that so they appear to be open to short guys.

With that said I believe shorter guys are better off using legal escorts. The short guy doesn't have to put on the macho manly guy act, doesn't have to be rich, doesn't have to be funny or have solid social game. The escort will give him pleasure and be done. The short guy will feel emotionally satisfied having his reproductive instincts satisfied.


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  • I'm black and I don't hate short guys. I'm pretty short myself.


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  • Lol you're crazy... I'm short and it really isn't an issue with getting a date.
    You're making it a problem for yourself only.

    • But you have status and possibly good genes. If I recall you stated you come from a family of wealth.

    • Actually no I grew up poor half of my life.

    • I also haven't used any of my parents money since I was 17

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  • I know plenty of short guys who are dating girls their height or shorter. You are jumping to a lot of conclusions. If you want to use a escort then fine but I just know there are short guys experiencing great success.


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  • Lol where are you getting these numbers?

  • If they can afford them and want to I don't see why not. I've paid for sex with girls who are way out of my league, I might be able to get a girlfriend, but not one that hot, that good at sex, and willing to having sex straight away.

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