Is it just me or does it seem like my boyfriend prefers light skin black girls over dark skin black girls? Please read all the details of my question?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now. I'm African American and my skin tone is identical to the singer Kelly Rowland, so is my boyfriend's but he thinks he's lighter than me anyway, usually im attracted to brown/dark skin guys that's what I've dated in the past. I'm trying to figure out what made my boyfriend attracted to me and interested in dating me when he likes light skin black girls, but not white girls because he once told me he's not attracted to white girls. I know this because all of his ex's have been light, I seen pictures of them on social network not one was even close to my color, except one girl but she was probably a shade lighter than me, and I'm not sure if he was dating her. None were dark skin though. When we first met he told me I look Dominican, half Indian, half Asian and anything else that wasn't black, he also asked what I was mixed with? Its like he couldnt except he would be dating a black girl. He has never called a darker skin girl pretty except me but I've heard him call light skin girls pretty too before we started dating. I'm not asking this question in a insecure way because he loves my appearance and skin tone he has never had any resentment towards my skin tone or anything, and he says how pretty I am. However, I just want a better understanding of the situation.. what is ur opinion?


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  • Being honest boys are creatures of habit. We fall into types and preferences easily. He probably started off with a lighter skinned girl and just fell suit of pursuing girls that aren't as close to your skin tone as you might prefer. This fact that you don't fit into his usual partner should validate how stronger his emotion for you is because his feelings surpassed habit.


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  • Is your boyfriend brown skin or light.

    • I'm guessing u didn't read my entire question because if u did ur question would be answered

    • Well my guy is a little lighter than I am I'm brown. But if he treat you right and he tells you how pretty you are than don't worry about it

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  • All the light skinned girls in his life wound up as ex girlfriends. Perhaps he realized it was time to no longer be confined to his narrow preferences. You're new, different, and you're still his girlfriend.

    You can't like something until you try it.


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