Do women prefer black guys?

I used to never see race at all and used to be very kind to everyone regardless of skin color. I am tall, decent looking, kind and half Asian, and when I was in college I was rejected by a pretty girl who said she didn't like Asian guys and instead favored having one night stands with the black football players - none of which were kind people, but bullies and alpha males.

It seems now that women favor black guys regardless of their character, and when I meet a girl who has a black boyfriend I feel so sad that she feels that I am so inferior because of my skin color. Nowadays I am convinced that most girls would rather have a black guy over me, and this to me is just a form of bullying with the popular guys showing off how many girls they have, and it is really affecting me and making me feel that there isn't true love and that everything is meaningless and that my life is worthless.

I don't have a mother (she died) to tell me that I'm great or talented or handsome or whatever, so all I see on the street are black guys with non-black girls, and most of the time the relationship seems to be more about showing off and sex than love… I mean in some cases of course it's love but the fact that this is much more common than non-black male / black woman relationships, I feel that women are attracted to something in black males that is regardless of character. Sometimes I feel that there isn't any point in living if I can't get female attention just because I don't have black skin - and that personality, good qualities and characteristics are ignored in favor of blackness.

Honestly in order for me to get through the day I need to convince myself that I am special and worthy of being loved despite my skin color. I know this is a sensitive subject but PLEASE be honest… I would love to be able to change my mentality to be more open to these things, but I hope other people can understand.
Do women prefer black guys?
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